Doc’s eBay Motors Sucks Website Saves Victims from Fraud

ebay motors sucksDoc’s eBay Motors Sucks website has been around for over 15 years now exposing eBay’s dirty laundry and saving many car buyers from making bad deals with fraudulent seller accounts listing those too good to be true hot offers. eBay’s Vehicle Purchase Protection plan (VPP) and Identity Phishing scams have been exposed by the Car Doctor while at the same time preventing scrupulous buyers from sending in wire payments and losing their money. Doc’s original eBay Seller ID was Doc’s Quality Cars which held a pristine selling history and provided good high quality used “No Rust” vehicles to select clients all over the world. Some of the feedback that was left before eBay decided to shut down the account showed comments such as “Fast Shipping, Great Vehicle would buy from again, item as described” and more. Visit Doc’s Place for more information about Doc’s Quality cars and check out his Internet Buying Guide.

eBay Motors Sucks PSA Hubcapjoes

Doc’s reputation is being smeared by a New Jersey Business man named Joseph Demarco AKA eBay Seller Hubcapjoes who has been outed by an online eBay Critic named eBayisajoke back in 2013 for being abusive to buyers and competitors on eBay. Hubcapjoes has enlisted the help of a Florida man Named Jason Paul Decanio (Online Predator) who’s helping Joe Demarco Smear and bully the two critics using manufactured YouTube channels made at the direction of Hubcapjoes to stalk, bully and harass who voice their opinions about him or eBay. Proof of a cyber bullying website owned by the eBay Seller Hubcapjoes called shows registered owner Joseph Deamrco name.

eBay Motors Sucks Victim of Revenge Crime

Doc talks about how Hubcapjoes and Jason Decanio orchestrated their revenge by getting Doc removed from his Church when they sent Calvary Chapel a letter stating that Doc was doing things on the internet that people shouldn’t do and that they should remove him from the church. The Church went and excommunicated Doc and would never give him any chance to explain what the eBay Gang Stalkers were doing to him.

ebay motors sucksHubcapjoes has been gang stalking Critics for over Five years now using various methods. Some of his attempts include paying Jason Decanio to write fake Ripoff Reports on Charles w Fitch and Doc of eBay Motors Sucks accusing Doc of rolling back odometers, selling stolen cars on eBay and accusing eBayisajoke of placing fake bids on his hubcaps and not paying. Hubcapjoes does a weekly vlog on YouTube called Crazeenydriver where he complains about buyers and sellers selling china goods along with eBay glitches. He’s even famous for schooling his buyers and knocking out his competition like in the audio examples in this article Big Changes Coming to eBay’s Return Policy for Sellers.

Youtuber Speaks out about Hubcapjoes