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Ebay Motors Sucks Podcast

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Well wouldn’t you know, shortly after this podcast was released Doc gets a public comment from a fake YouTube Channel on his Ebay Motors Sucks YouTube page trying to make it seem like Doc is somehow working undercover with Team eBay supplying them information about Ebayisajoke. Whoever is doing this is actually making Crazeenydriver Ebay Motors Seller Hubcapjoes look worse but it appears that this account may have been created by Spokonzaga Pete who may now be very upset to the fact that his desperate attempt to try to Spin Doc over to their side didn’t work. Even after the podcast aired Spokonzaga Pete came in and posted many comments in a plea for us to remove Jason from our articles. Could Jason be putting heat on Team Ebay? Why would we do this after him admitting that he’s behind all the YouTube channel flagging. No WAY, HOSAY!

ebay motors sucks podcast

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HA HA HA HA… This guy is such a loser. Show us these hundreds of people who I have scammed. Just because I make money wearing a mask this guy can’t stand it. Thanks for the hits and the media attention. This guy is part of Team eBay trying to derail everyone away from Doc’s message which was that eBay is going to be paying everyone’s damages soon through a settlement once the lawyers attach themselves to this case. Big Payouts are coming for Ebayisajoke, Doc and possibly Keith. What will team eBay inc and Hubcapjoes get? Nothing. Well maybe Ebay Motors Seller Joseph DeMarco will get an Naru.

ebay motors sucks podcast

ebay motors sucks podcast

More account flagging from The Queens New Yorker’s YouTube channel. If you would like to help out team ebayisajoke visit Jason DeCanio’s channel on YouTube and flag it for using copyrighted unlicensed music. This guy is responsible for flagging many videos and YouTube accounts and even admits to it. Read the article here. Jason Paul DeCanio originally interviewed Crazeenydriver about 9 months ago over the phone, the interview was conducted in a very unethical fashion due to the questions that were posed. Jason DeCanio is not a trustworthy person and will stab anyone in the back for pleasure.

Jason DeCanio loves trolling and sticking his nose into this drama so we’re going to keep doing articles for years about him until he stops his cyber terrorism. After all he claims he doesn’t sell on eBay so why is he even a part of this? We don’t know what his vested interest is in this case other than the fact that he may be an eBay top rated seller backing up someone he thinks is a friend of his, hubcapjoes. We have an email from Matt Zolo stating that they are using Jason as a patsy for the Magazine Subscriptions and that when they are done he will no longer be needed. This just goes to show you what these guys are capable of.

ebay motors sucks podcast

Jason DeCanio Part 1

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Jason DeCanio Part 2

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This video was pulled by YouTube recently. It was flagged for inappropriate behavior but I downloaded it the minute it was produced so I could bring it to you as evidence of Jason Decanio’s mental disturbances. Jason can end all this simply by pulling down the websites that slander Ebayisajoke. Below Jason DeCanio says on YouTube that he’s going to start a website to harass and abuse Ebayisajoke. We have captured his YouTube comment below along with another false YouTube claim on Ebayisajoke.

ebay motors sucks podcast