eBay Motors Sponsors would they Condone Cyberbullying?

eBay Seller Hubcapjoes
Hubcapjoes – Cyberbully and Internet Predator of YouTube for eBay Inc.

eBay’s sponsors on eBay motors may not know about the cyberbullying and Revenge Crimes they pull on the elderly using their prize top rated eBay seller Hubcapjoes. A man that gets free SWAG from eBay to promote abusive behavior on his YouTube channel “CrazeenydriverNYC” and his newest one “Detroit Breaking News” where he doxes the workplace of Seller Critic, telling people on YouTube to call his workplace and make a complaint that he’s dangerous.

Incitement is the act of provoking unlawful behavior or urging someone to behave unlawfully to commit a crime on someone by persuading, encouraging, instigating, pressuring or threatening so as to cause another to commit a crime. Please Notify eBay’s Trust and Safety here..

I wonder if the sponsors of eBay know this is going on since the executive team and Trust and Safety at eBay Motors doesn’t seem to want to take action against this seller for abusive bullying and cyberstalking then we then must let the sponsors know how eBay Inc takes part in social media smear campaigns against former sellers or buyers of the platform.

Voice of Joseph Demarco incitement of False Workplace Complaints:

Employment Laws on False Accusations:

Defamation Law

Defamation is an unlawful attack against the proprietary right of an employee to a good name. An employee may bring a lawsuit against a defamer, according to the procedures of the state defamation laws. Defamation laws vary by state; however, a plaintiff must prove that the false accusations have certain characteristics. The accusation must be published or known to a third party other than the plaintiff and defendant. The statements must be false and must be injurious, for example, causing you to lose a job. The accusations must also be unprivileged.

Privileged Statements

If the person accused of making false accusations has the privilege to make certain statements, he is protected by defamation law against liability. Absolutely privileged statements are those made during a legal proceeding, such as during a lawsuit, even though they may be false. A qualified privilege protects the accused only if the statements made were without malice. One example is when an employer conducts a performance appraisal and makes a statement about the employee’s performance, even though this statement may not be acceptable to the employee.

Contacting eBay Inc

Please contact Marie Huber (General Counsel & Legal Affairs)
Twitter @Marieohhuber @siliconvalleycf Board Member

Knowing the rules for Sellers


eBay User Agreement


Current Sponsors of eBay Motors


TERRIBLE Bugatti Veyron Kit – eBay Motors Scams

Link to eBay Listing: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/152652495130?clk_rvr_id=1278953092644&rmvSB=true

Many of the vehicle scams on eBay Motors are listed with the intent to Phish or obtain contact information of a potential buyer. Listings like the one above sometimes catch the eyes of watchers who do videos on YouTube warning the public to stay away from eBay. CarThrottle.com picked up on the eBay Listing and they said it was a horrendous asking price. Buyers beware!

FBI – Hijackers use False Protection claims to loure Online Shoppers:

The sponsors listed below appear on eBay’s description pages at eBay Motors advertising their car deals and special online services offering discounts on automobiles. eBay is telling you something here! which is not to do any business on eBay Motors and buy all your vehicles on these other websites which may be a blessing in disguise if you plan on shopping on eBay Motors you may find yourself in a pickle with a fraudulent seller. If you don’t know how to buy a car I suggest visiting the Car Doctor for all your Vehicle Purcahse Protection information before you purchase.