eBay Motors Scams Avoid Internet Car Buying Fraud

ebay motors scamseBay Motors Scams, what to look for and how to avoid being defrauded against the fake ebay vehicle purchase protection scam. If you’re a buyer on eBay Motors we suggest that you do business on a reputable site like Auto Trader. Doc’s Quality Cars has saved countless number of asses from losing their money. Below are links to many screen shots Doc did from eBay’s vehicle listings capturing the ebay vehicle phishing scams and fake “Too Good to be True” listings so that you can beware that these scams are still out there and taking place today on eBay.com

Many of the eBay vehicle phishing Scams that are happening today in 2018 are more crafty then they were back in 2013 when Doc was first documenting auto fraud on eBay Motors. Today scammers are using a more elaborate way to steal money from their victims enabled of course by eBay and utilize eBay Gift Cards.  A High School student loses $1200 in eBay Gift Card Scam and eBay will not refund the buyer or make things right. Story by Lisa Parker of NBC 5 News Chicago IL.

eBay Motors Scams – The Florida Car Doctor

Doc has been running eBayMotorsSucks.com and has been exposing vehicle fraud on eBay and in other market places for almost 15 years. Back when former eBay CEO Meg Whitman was running the show she said and I quote “What fraud eBay Motors has is minuscule” compared to the number of transactions eBay does daily on it’s site so she said they weren’t worried about the fraud. What ever happened to eBay’s Credibility and Trust? Many of the scams placed on U.S citizens come from overseas like Sofia Bulgaria where thieves use data centers like TelePoint owned by Blue Angel Host in order to mask themselves, and once they got you’re money you can’t track or bring them to justice.

eBay Vehicle Phishing Scams Documented

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Someone sent us a Copy of Joseph Demarco’s real Birth Certificate and other new videos of Hubcapjoes we added to the archive! This website is producing some great information on this eBay Seller. I want to thank the contributors for revealing the private life of this abusive bully eBay Seller.