eBay Motors Placards Promoted by Hubcapjoes

ebay motors placards

Doc from eBay Motors Sucks tries to give Crazeenydriver who is a top rated seller on eBay Motors some professional advice about his listings and why eBay Motors Placards won’t help dealers sell vehicles on eBay Motors. Doc also talks about how Ebayisajoke’s YouTube channels were wrongfully flagged by team ebay’s fake channels and how his videos weren’t violating YouTube’s terms of use. Joseph DeMarco is getting trolls to do his dirty work by engaging in inappropriate cyberbully behavior on YouTube unbecoming of an eBay seller.

Crazeenydriver promotes eBay Motors advertising materials for used car lots and gets advice from eBay Motors Sucks on how eBay Motors Placards are no good and don’t work for dealerships. Doc use to be a used car dealer on eBay Motors until he was banned from selling for no reason. Doc was one of the very first automotive dealers on eBay that provided quality used vehicles to buyers all around the country. It’s a shame good honest sellers like this are being targeted in order to guarantee better bottom line profits from top rated high volume sellers.

Advice by eBay Motors Critic Doc

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eBay Motors Placards to Promote Used Cars

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eBay will eventually remove Joseph Demarco from the selling platform for treating buyers badly with his poor customer service. The only reason he’s been around this long is because a few people at eBay Motors is protecting his selling account. CEO John Donahoe seems proud of Hubcapjoes promoting their eBay Motors placards but they won’t help anyone’s sales until eBay learns to verify all vehicle listings by verifying the ID of the poster using some kind of ID verify system to protect buyers that don’t know anything about buying a vehicle. Hubcapjoes is a YouTube cyberbully and may also be involved in shilling up his feedback using his Facebook friends in order to maintain seller discounts. Here is the original video from the crazeenydriver channel promoting eBay Motors Placards.