eBay Motors Hubcapjoes Takes PayPal Donations

eBay Motors Hubcapjoes Takes PayPal Donations on free godaddy website.

eBay Motors Hubcapjoes
PayPal Donations require 501(c)(3) Registration

eBay Motors Hubcapjoes, Talking about illegal donations these days we found a website called MichiganClassicArcades.com, which is actually a clone of the domain MichiganClassicArcade.com (leaving out the “s”) which has been long time owned by Ebayisajoke. A domain used to slander Ebayisajoke or drive customers away from his arcade business that he once advertised on KLOV arcade forums and may possibly be registered or owned by Joseph DeMarco through Godaddy.com but are unable to confirm at this time. This domain was registered many months ago and is being used to instruct people to send PayPal donations to support a “PUT CHUCKY IN JAIL” fund. eBay Motors seller Joseph DeMarco of Hubcapjoes lists his private AOL email PayPal address of [email protected] on the questionable website for collecting money donations illegally with PayPal. We can’t verify if Joseph DeMarco actually owns this web site but the page asks for people to donate using the PayPal gift option as a means of by passing IRS laws. Using the PayPal gift option is a way most PayPal users ask for donations to get out of paying taxes to the Federal Government.

In the video below you’ll see Hubcapjoes aka Crazeenydriver of YouTube put the word out that he’s going to do all he can to have Ebayisajoke arrested for such crimes as identity fraud. He also promotes PayPal at the same time which leads me to believe eBay Inc or PayPal could be sanctioning these illegal donations. These accusations of identity fraud and cyber bullying are delusions of grandeur that will never be proven in court because they simply never happened and he’s living in a fantasy world. Buckle up there driver and spit shine your caps because attorneys don’t work for free and they don’t take hub caps for payment.

eBay Motors Hubcapjoes Incarceration Contest

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Could this donation fund be sanctioned by John Donahoe CEO of eBay Inc or the folks at PayPal because the last time I checked you had to be a registered 501(c)(3) in order to collect cash contributions. PayPal is a wire transmitter service and registered in each state and if EFT laws are broken PayPal could lose its operating license in that state. If Joseph DeMarco is not registered as a 501(c)(3) than this is against PayPal’s operating agreement and also against the wire transmitter laws of the state of New Jersey and California. We know many PayPal customers get their accounts terminated every day for user agreement violations by trying to take illegal donations on their websites. If the fund is indeed setup or sanctioned by eBay Inc or protected by someone at eBay Motors than eBay has a lot of explaining to do.

This is the illegal website property posted by Team eBay:

eBay Motors Hubcapjoes

eBay Motors Hubcapjoes

Here is the Whois lookup info for the real MichiganClassicArcade.com web site:

eBay Motors Hubcapjoes