eBay Motors seller Crazeenydriver Hubcapjoes involved in a social media smear campaign to bully online eBay critic

eBay IncCrazeenydriver eBay Motors Hubcapjoes Top Rated Seller scammer Hubcapjoes AKA Crazeenydriver AKA CrazeenydriverNYC of YouTube finally gets national news attention that he may not really want in the end. It could get his eBay Motors seller account suspended for eBay negative PR. eBayisajoke didn’t care if his name was out there so the laugh is on Crazeenydriver eBay Motors Hubcapjoes. As far as eBayisajoke is concerned they didn’t expose anything and everything he was doing online was in fact legal.

Crazeenydriver eBay Motors Hubcapjoes Joseph DeMarco may have actually sealed his own fate by drawing too much attention to his eBay business and possibly putting his eBay Motors seller account in jeopardy. The old saying goes, be careful what you wish for. Crazeenydriver eBay Motors Hubcapjoes can only blame himself if eBay sends him that NARU pink slip for being an abusive seller.

Crazeenydriver eBay Motors Hubcapjoes Makes National News.

Hubcapjoes is not being targeted just because he makes money on eBay, he’s being targeted because he’s a YouTube bully, rat, stalker and cyber thief that likes to abuse the eBay community by filing SNAD cases on the people who do business with him while he sits back on YouTube and pretends he’s a saint. Hubcapjoes retaliate against eBayisajoke because Joseph DeMarco got exposed in March of 2012 letting people know on YouTube what products he sells and his eBay seller ID.

This information was already available to the public from Joe’s website. Joe started his slander and defamation attacks on eBayisajoke almost instantly when Joe realized he had to do some back peddling to brown nose up to eBay and PayPal else he would get that NARU pink slip and lose his business for bashing eBay and PayPal. eBayisajoke is not going to give up until Joe’s business is gone off eBay, so count the few days you have left because it’s all coming to an end very soon my friend.

Crazeenydriver eBay Motors

eBay Motors Hubcapjoes News Report

@ReportBullies Twitter Spam Linked To eBay Seller HubcapJoes weebly.com abuse

Rob Wolchek got one thing right, eBay is a joke indeed. Read how this reporter aired a one sided story to defame and discredit the online critic. Email me so I can clue you into what this guy is doing in Oradell New Jersey on eBay Motors and who Joe’s online accomplices are. Crazeenydriver eBay Motors Hubcapjoes, eBay does not like negative PR surrounding their platform and while eBay Motors for so long has protected this abusive seller, after today he may not get any protection at all, in fact he may get the eBay BOOT which would mean that he would have to close his brick and mortar store and actually work a 9-5 job but this time he will be sweeping bridges and over passes instead of taking photos of them.

Crazeenydriver eBay Motors Hubcapjoes has a pattern of trying to expose people on YouTube for his own business interest and this time he got more than what he bargained for. He abuses sellers and buyers by purchasing hub caps from them and filing SNAD cases claiming their goods are not as described to get a refund, driving new users off eBay weeding out his competition.

He also abuses and intimidates them over the phone like you’ll see in the video below titled “The bully Beat Down” which is one of his videos located on YouTube. We have proof of all his abusive ways on eBay Motors watch the videos below and you’ll be amazed of what we uncovered.

Crazeenydriver eBay Motors Hubcapjoes

Hubcapjoes Gives eBay Buyers The Bully Beat Down: