History of eBay Motors and why Bill Cobb Got Terminated and NARU’ed

We want to shed some light on the History of eBay Motors and why Bill Cobb ex President of eBay North America Got Terminated or NARU’ed for non performance. Bill Cob, much like most of all the other CEOs are a waste of money and waste of time at eBay Inc. They do nothing but sit in their Expensive chairs, crap in their expensive toilets, dictate to underlings who stays or goes, introduce corporate hate and cause upset to the inner workings of the Company, and most of all cause Disruptive Innovation to the Marketplace.

Bill Cobb was one of those Presidents that didn’t know the meaning of the word Leadership. Bill Cobb even had a hand in terminating accounts on eBay that he thought were committing policy violations like DocsQualityCars for example, an eBay Motors Seller that had a stellar performance record on selling Used Cars and Making eBay Money for its shareholders however Bill Cobb Didn’t see it that way when one day he got an eMail from a Floridian telling him off. Bill Slob and eBay at that time didn’t realize they were about to open a can of worms.

bill cobbThat Floridian has lots of influence over Florida Voters which was a bad mistake on Bill Cobbs part. Introduce the site we now know as eBayMotorsSucks.com exposing the dirty laundry and countless car scams at eBay. Ed Koon known as “The Car Doctor” has documented over 90 days worth of VIN Number Car Scams listed on eBay Motors that included XSS off Site Scripting, phishing and unauthorized VIN usage mostly coming out of Bulgaria and Russia. His Car Buying Guide shows potential eBay Buyers what to do and what not to do before buying a vehicle on eBay.


eBay doesn’t like Doc’s website because it exposes the various methods car scammers use from all over the world in order to steal your money. Everything from XSS Cross Site Phishing (Hacking) to Wire fraud scams using Vehicles not really owned by the seller, but eBay still doesn’t care as long as they get their fees. Their attitude is let’s get the fees then sort out the mess later. Nobody can Trust eBay anymore which is probably not what Pierre Omidyar had planned for eBay Inc and Investor Relations but that’s how it turned out.

bill cobbDoc ran auctions with a reserve. He then presented a toll free numberĀ  on his ME page and took calls from prospective buyers then negotiated the price to a Buy Now to get the sale. A prospective buyer once contacted Doc and asked for a price reduction on a vehicle, of which Doc agreed, when he went back to the listing to change it to a Buy Now, the listing totally disappeared. eBay had pulled his listing because they thought he was doing a deal outside of eBay or violating their policies which was untrue. Doc never screwed eBay Inc out of any Final Value Fees, never rolled back Miles on any Odometers and never sold Stolen Cars. Doc is not a Bad Businessman he’s an Honest Businessman.

bill cobb

When Doc finally called eBay Motors they wouldn’t give him the time or day, so an eMail was sent to Bill Cobb that he didn’t like so he then took the liberty to NARU Doc’s seller account. DocsQualityCars had superb feedback 100%, and provided great quality and service to all his buyers. The account was shut down prematurely without merit or proper explanation with eBay ultimately losing money from closing it down. In the end it looks like Bill Cobb got an NARU of his own. Bill Cobb was terminated from eBay for Terminating eBay Sellers and preventing shareholders from making money just like Donahoe was, and soon it will be Devin Wenig’s fate.