eBay Motors Buyer Extortion Gets NARU

eBay Motors Buyer Extortion puts a perfect seller out of business.

eBay Motors Buyer Extortion

eBay Motors Buyer Extortion can put a perfect seller out of business these days and can take away your livelihood. After a YouTube video exposes a buyer trying to extort $450 back from a car seller selling a 1995 Mustang Convertible item number 281111370864 with perfect feedback, eBay took part in the transaction by assisting the buyer with the crime according to the seller in an interview conducted over the phone with Doc from eBay Motors Sucks. This car was bought from a Florida seller about a year ago and shipped to Canton OH where the new seller put it up for sale on eBay Motors because he really didn’t need the car. The vehicle in the auction was as described.

eBay Motors Buyer Extortion Video of the seller’s perfect feedback record.

The buyer user id 70merccoug purchased the vehicle and when he got it home saw a few more flaws and decided he would demand money back on the transaction or he would leave the seller negative feedback. The seller rejected the buyer’s demands and the buyer then left the seller negative feedback as promised. The seller then called eBay Motors to file a complaint and eBay told the seller they would call him back with an answer about the feedback left. The seller then got a call from eBay telling the seller to do whatever the buyer wants to avoid the negative feedback. If this is true, it makes eBay complicit in the buyer extortion. eBay may have been trying to scrape some money off the transaction for their little cookie jar or they simply don’t care about fraud on eBay Motors.

Later when Doc from Ebay Motors Sucks did a video along with an article about this at Ebay Motors Sucks eBay then removed the negative feedback after seeing the video. Doc from eBay Motors Sucks recently discovered that the seller is now NARU’ed (No Longer a registered user) at eBay. The seller has a perfect feedback record and has never done anything wrong to deserve this kind of treatment from eBay Inc. This is yet another example of how eBay treats its small sellers by shutting them down violating their right to conduct eCommerce business. This seller was unfairly treated by eBay Inc and should have his account reinstated immediately.

If you’re a victim of the NARU policies at eBay Inc we recommend that you file a complaint with the State of California Attorney General’s office and also with the state’s license board. Every business has a business license. If that license is abused that business can lose it’s right to conduct business. Calling eBay customer support complaining doesn’t do a thing. Go after their business license and file a law suit to protect your rights.

eBay Motors Buyer Extortion