eBay Brand Fraud Consumer Awareness Concerning eBay Motors

Mod Security Attacks from eBay Inc coming from a Texas User from Joe’s Data Center in this video below we show evidence of ongoing data hack attempts by an individual in Texas according to Joe’s Data Center, possibly a front used by eBay Inc and other companies to attack people online and their websites that expose the real truth about their abusive tactics or deceptive/misleading conduct according to the FTC. Will eBay be added to the list of companies that abuse and mistreat not only consumers but whistleblowers?

eBay Hacks

Found a really great deal on the net for that item you’ve been wanting? Beware of Brand Fraud that will steal your money and possibly your identity!

Brand Fraud is being committed by scammers offering unbelievably low prices on automobiles, electronics, jewelry, vacations. You name it – there is a scam running online for it using a popular brand name as the seller.

Smartphone apps like OfferUp and Letgo are being used to rip off local item sellers. Sellers are being robbed, and even murdered for their goods.

Fraudsters claim established websites like AmazoneBay, and others process orders, and ship to buyers. This is a confidence scam targeting the naive!

On high value items such as cars, boats, recreational vehicles, even aircraft. Fraudsters instruct their victim to bank wire payment to a sellers agent who is responsible for processing the transaction.

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