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Masked Man eBay Troll Hubcapjoes Exposed

masked manThis Masked man and eBay Troll on YouTube has been exposed by a man we call Pete for abusing the eBay Community and sellers by filing complaints against them and bragging about it on his channel. A photo of him wearing the Guy Fawkes Mask during one of his videos is of him bragging about how dropshipping is not allowed on eBay. The YouTuber Pete has exposed the Man as being none other than Joseph A De Marco of Haworth New Jersey. This man is a prolific cyber bully and loves to file complaints against his competitors on eBay and thought he would remain anonymous but he thought wrong.

brian burke ebayHubcapjoes has been doing videos for years talking about how he hates eBay and PayPal on YouTube. In his new video Joseph A De Marco complains about eBay’s policy on dropshipping and how he doesn’t think users should be selling items they don’t have. We are protecting the eBay community by releasing this information here on our site if you would like more share it watch the videos and listen to the audio files below for the true facts.

YouTuber Exposes the Masked Man Shown Above

eBay Seller Hubcapjoes abusing his buyers:

Hubcapjoes telling people to file chargebacks on PayPal transactions:

Audio file where Hubcapjoes admits to getting stuff from eBay Inc in order to carry out this abusive smear campaign on Charles Fitch AKA eBayisajoke which originally exposed Hubcapjoe’s seller account in 2012 for bullying his buyers and refusing returns and refunds. To this day we found Hubcapjoes conducting business off eBay with eBay buyers and then bullying them over the phone. This audio file is very important because it shows that Mark Burke eBay Director of Community relations condones this sort of bullying of it’s eBay community which is very disturbing:

eBay Seller Hubcapjoes has also been witnessed abusing an elderly individual in Tampa Florida, also a former eBay Seller named Doc’s Quality Cars on the website owned by Joseph Demarco called eBay is Guilty of Gang Stalking their online Critics.

Consumer Fraud Advocate and Targeted by eBay Insiders

If you have been targeted by eBay Inc please use the resources below to file your complaints expeditiously.

eBay Inc. License Filing Number 2871352
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Phone: (302) 658-7581
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