Why are Federal Agencies Investigating eBay Inc?

ebay investigationIs there an eBay Investigation being conducted by the FTC we don’t know about?  Would it have something to do with all the Reputation Management being done by eBay or would it be because of the user policies their sellers are sick of. Another reason eBay could be investigated by Federal Agencies is because of the blatant “in your face” abuse going on by sellers like Hubcapjoes who has no regard for privacy or professional conduct as a top rated seller. This man is so abusive to his buyers we have audio files that show him laughing and giving buyers what he calls his “Bully Beatdown”. Buyers will attempt to return or ask for an exchange of his dirty broken items and Joseph Demarco AKA YouTube’s Crazeenydriver will refuse the buyers or tell them they must pay return shipping. He even admits in his latest rant YouTube videos that he no longer gives free shipping on any of his items. This is enough to turn any angry eBay buyer into a Amazon Happy Customer.

eBay Investigation Documents Revealed

If I was eBay I would really think twice about messing with a Critic. eBay has been in the sights of eBayisajoke for years now, I don’t eBay Inc can afford another big black eye on their brand. It’s time to cut loose the spider web of lies that Hubcapjoes weaves about himself being someone that helps people and some “eBay Saint” because everyone now knows he’s not. It’s time to cut loose this seller and let him ride the lightning. The documents shown in the video below should speak a thousand words for eBay Inc.

eBay Investigation Alleged Suspect

ebay investigation

Hubcapjoes is accused of Heading a reputation management smear campaign on eBay critics, one in Florida and one in Michigan. It’s alleged that this may be another black budget eBay job, covertly using autonomous user accounts, channels, ISP’s, Wi-fy Hot Spots, and even eBay and PayPal employees to carry out this operation to improve the reputation of eBay which would be a violation of FTC stock manipulation guidelines.

Audio file evidence of Top Rated seller Hubcapjoes getting paid to Smear Former Seller of eBay:

How Reputation Management Works

Jason DecanioWhen a person like eBayisajoke exposes a huge corporation like eBay, a reputation management manipulation team goes to work to remove the so called threat. Reputation management firms and/or private individuals like Jason Decanio of Winterpark Florida seen in this photo, and working for Hubcapjoes for eBay have tried to discredit Critics like eBayisajoke by placing bogus comments on YouTube videos or by joining a team of professionals like Lithium to produce News Hit Pieces on their Target. The whole idea is to try and turn a negative image into a positive one for the company or brand in this case eBay. If that fails and the Target pushes back they may try other tactics like Swatting or trying to get the targeted Individual terminated from his job.

Below Jason Paul Decanio Epcot and Orlando Resorts Employee abuses people:

Website Security Expert the Car Doctor

Car DoctorThe Car Doctor is a security expert in self managed hosting websites explains in the video below how companies false flag website domains as malware to get a targeted site removed from google webmaster tools as Harmful Content. The false flag reports come from professional reputation management companies like Lithium Technologies who employ users that use google’s API to falsify domain reports. Many of these reputation managers are employed from outside the United States and have connections or back end access with large sites like YouTube and eBay Inc. Doc talks about what they did to him just recently in the video example below.