Information Expert Eyal Estrin hired by eBay Seller Hubcapjoes to Investigate an eBay Critic Blogger in Michigan

eyal estrin

eBay Blows obtained an email from a man in Israel named Eyal Estrin, an Information Expert and author of security-24-7. Mr. Estrin claims that back in 2013 he was hired by Hubcapjoes and paid money to expose eBayisajoke and slander him all over the internet. Eyal Estrin may also work for eBay and could possibly be linked to their black budget operations in order to destroy, discredit and defame anyone that’s against eBay, top sellers or even employees. The email admission states that Hubcapjoes hired Mr. Estrin to go after and publicize untruthful and damaging information all over the web about eBay Critic eBayisajoke. It also states Joseph Demarco conspired with a local Michigan man Shane Ritter to place eBayisajoke on Detroit’s Fox 2 News.

Additional evidence is a past phone call placed by Joseph Demarco to Ed Koon of eBay Motors Sucks (EBMS) stating that “I had to get eBay to move on him”. The Fox 2 News hack job story favored Hubcapjoes but it lost traction when the story was proven to be untrue by the Signature Investigating Group.

The reporter for Fox 2 News refused to print a retraction or remove the story due to the station’s link to eBay Inc but the reporter didn’t realize that these were just Attacks on Critics Exposing eBay Corporate Wrong Doings. If you remember eBayisajoke was accused of placing bids on items of Hubcapjoes which was later proven untrue.

Evidence of Joseph Demarco retaining an Investigator:

Eyal Estrin Information Expert Hired by Joseph Demarco

Hubcapjoes does a weekly video on YouTube claiming to help sellers but he just harasses and bullies people that speak out against him. eBayisajoke exposed Hubcapjoes back in 2012 as a “Buyer Bully”, showing his feedback score and feedback comments to many of his subscribers and Joseph Demarco didn’t like that so under the guidance of some eBay and PayPal employees he fabricated a news story to tarnish the reputation of Charles Fitch AKA eBayisajoke.