Does Sellers like Hubcapjoes Really Pay Their eBay Income Tax

ebay income taxDoes Hubcapjoes Pay eBay Income Tax in Oradell, NJ eBay Fraud? Where is Hubcapjoes selling his used cars from so please email me so we can stop this curb stoner from scamming people. We want to put an end to bad business in Oradell, New Jersey. eBay Sellers Schooling Buyers on eBay is not what eBay wants for a positive image.

Hubcapjoes – eBay Income Tax Status

Do Sellers Really Pay eBay Income Tax

I expose fraudulent sellers on eBay operating in your local area. This guy Hubcapjoes has admitted to giving buyers a bully beat down! Hubcapjoes is a disgrace to the business, and may in fact not be paying his Federal Income Tax. This is called Tax Evasion and is against the law.

What people say about Hubcapjoes:

Yoda Smokes
03-28-2015, 07:33 PM

Hubcapjoes is a real creep. Him and his eBay clan want to recruit eBay fanboys and girls. Don’t fall into this trap.

03-29-2015, 11:56 AM

Arn’t people like Jim Griffith, Roy Daves and Devin Wenig responsible for allowing this seller Hubcapjoes to continue selling? I mean is eBay responsible for cyberbullying and online harassment now because it’s been proven that Joseph J Demarco (Crazeenydriver) of YouTube indeed has connections at eBay allowing him to sell while he’s harassing people outside eBay? Last I knew it was against eBay Policy to harass other eBay sellers.

Hubcapjoes Sued

Hubcapjoes was sued by a buyer when Joseph Demarco did a deal off eBay with a man named Charles Shaw, he was sued for $200 and got a judgment to win the case. You won’t hear this mentioned in any videos from the Crazeenydriver YouTube channel. We bring you the facts, and report the information as it’s been given to use here at Seller Critic. I would refrain from doing any business with this guy’s eBay Store. This eBay Seller is gone rogue.

Lawsuit Information: