Jason Decanio Florida Cyberbully Involved in Hate Crime with Hubcapjoe

ebay hate crimeJason Decanio Florida Cyberbully is involved in ebay Hate Crime with eBay Seller Hubcapjoes. These two men are online Trolls that terrorize former buyers and sellers on eBay. Jason Decanio has been cyberstalking Charles Fitch in Michigan for over six years for Joseph DeMarco eBay’s YouTube spokesman and seller on eBay Motors.

The two individuals have been going after Mr. Fitch’s employer in an attempt to have him terminated from his job which failed miserably due to the continued bragging videos Joe Demarco has uploaded to YouTube admitting to his guilt of what we call Gang Stalking.

Joe Demarco is a Cyberbully constantly Tweeting Lies about Mr. Fitch in order to smear his personal reputation, all manufactured by eBay Inc to simply bury a Critic. eBay Investment groups shy away from further investing in eBay stock and asset growth due to evidence of racketeering.

Audio Documentation of Severe Online Bullying & Cyber Stalking using eBay Hate Crimes from Seller Hubcapjoes on YouTube.

Below is a video of Hubcapjoes hating on Nigerians, and people of Religion. He also promotes eBayisajoke’s websites and tells people that he always used Buy It Now listings. Remember in the news he claimed I placed bids on his items and didn’t pay to leave him negative feedback? Once again proof that Hubcapjoe lied to TV News to smear the reputation of former sellers online.

eBay Sellers use eBay Apps to air their Dirt on the Platform

Proof that eBay Inc allowed seller Hubcapjoes to use their “Selling Manager Pro” mobile application to upload abusive auction listings to air out online cyber abuse and other dirty laundry in the form of an auction listing on eBay.com, This screenshot the actual (Spammy) listing by Hubcapjoes just to incite ebay hate crimes against Charles Fitch after having him put on Fox 2 News in 2012. The Selling Manager Pro application is owned by eBay Inc. Item #370828021205

ebay hate crime

eBay Hate Crime on the Rise in America and on the Internet by Top Rated eBay Sellers abuse Shopping and Ecommerce Websites!


ebay hate crimeJason Decanio (41) from Orlando Florida is guilty of Hate Crimes by posting comments on YouTube referring to Swatica’s and Homophobic insults on various anonymous YouTube channels and also going after a Michigan Man Charles Fitch. Jason Decanio is a racist and bigot like New Jersey eBay seller Hubcapjoes AKA Joseph DeMarco but in a more vial way.

eBay hate crime will continue by these two until their eBay selling accounts have been terminated or they land in Jail for harassment. Two employees recently spoke up and went to Mr. Fitch showing him the berrage of private messages to more than two individuals that work with Mr Fitch trying to elude that he’s a danger to the workplace when he’s not.

Joseph DeMarco, Jason Decanio and someone named Keith Detwiler that recently called the UAW on Mr. Fitch (Recording it for YouTube) may be charged soon with criminal stalking by Detectives working the case.

The Following Audio is By Jason Paul Decanio of now Orlando Florida Community beware!

YouTube Predators Jason Decanio & Joe DeMarco Use Employees on Facebook to Watch Charles Fitch In His Place of Employment, says Witnesses that spilled the beans and released the text messages and one recorded phone conversation.