eBay’s Global Shipping Program Destroy Your Business

Global Shipping Program

In this video I want to let both sellers in the U.S. or buyers from other countries who buy something on the U.S. eBay auctions to know about the hidden shipping dangers and unknown happenings within eBays & PBI Pitney Bowes Shipping Global Shipping Partnership Program ( In this case it is with products coming to Japan but I would not put it past other people from other countries experiencing the same things) If you look at some of the sellers negative feedback, if there is anything related to improper shipping, you might want to think twice about it being the sellers fault or eBays fault.

This is a video that is SPECIFIC ONLY TO THE U.S. eBay Global Partnership Program. This is NOT regarding any other eBay shipping outside of the U.S., Only the U.S. here. I wanted to make after having a roller coaster of a painful ride that still has yet to end with eBay.

eBay Global Shipping Problems Documented

Here is a copy, word for word which the last customer service rep sent me regarding my current open case. See for yourself what you are dealing with when it comes to big companies like eBay:

Message From eBay Customer Service:

Hello Luke,

I know you are upset and understandably so. I know you feel this case has been decided incorrectly and you have been corresponding with us for quite some time over this case.

I can see that you received a damaged product that can be the most disheartening thing to happen. You have pieced together that it is happening when your item is shipped with Pitney and Bowes (PBI) which is our Global Shipping Program partner. So when a seller decides to ship internationally they are given the option to opt in to the Global Shipping Program. They pay for domestic shipping within the United States and they have to send the item to Kentucky. From there PBI sends the item on to the proper country, they do repackage and do inspections to make sure all is well.

Which would explain why two of your items came with identical packaging but the sellers were from opposite ends of the United States. They both selected to ship with the Global Shipping Program. My best suggestion is if you are not having luck receiving packages in great shape is to find listings that do not offer this and actually ship directly to your country themselves and see if that offers better luck.

After reading this, decide for yourself if you would like to be a part of the Global Shipping Partnership Program on eBay in the U.S. or if you would like to be a buyer from someone who uses the program. The key thing to remember here is that none of what is mentioned above is told to either the seller nor ESPECIALLY the buyer when they purchase something off of the U.S. eBay site. I had no idea until now and its not the greatest feeling finding out this way.