Gang Stalking 2nd Amendment eBay Taking Guns from Critics

Gang Stalking 2nd AmendmentGang Stalking 2nd Amendment is an organized plan by corporate giants like eBay Inc to take guns away from their most vocal online Critics by using Personal Protection Orders (PPO’s) and smear television hit pieces by Top Rated Sellers like Hubcapjoes, and Investigative news reporters in Michigan. The eBay Seller known as Crazeenydriver on YouTube has made a series of videos accusing a Michigan Registered Gun Owner of being Dangerous to the Community and that he should have his firearm removed by the Michigan’s Attorney General’s office. The abusive seller’s name is Joseph J Demarco of Haworth, New Jersey and this Top Rated eBay Lunatic apparently has some axe to grind after being called out for Gang Stalking Critics on YouTube.

Joseph De Marco runs a YouTube Partnered channel called the Crazeenydriver Show where every week he pretends to be helpful to the eBay community but really just complains about Shipping and Return Policies every week. We have proof that the channel is ran by eBay and using his status to abuse former sellers on YouTube with links to his abusive alternate channels that threaten the critic’s employer.

Gang Stalking 2nd AmendmentDoes eBay Condone this type of bullying behavior? of course they do but the average eBay seller would be removed from the platform. Hubcapjoes gets paid in SWAG to go after eBay Critics. The new mission statement in eBay boardroom now says “Trust & Safety” is no longer our policy here at eBay.

Michigan Open Carry Threatened by Fox 2 News

Gang Stalking 2nd Amendment Evidence

Does the above video sound familiar? This is the same Investigative News Reporter that did the hit piece on me (eBayisajoke) in 2013 at the direction of eBay seller ID Hubcapjoes. Why is eBay and these liberal tards going after our guns? The following is an audio file of eBay Seller Hubcapjoes telling people to report Charles Fitchto his workplace and to the FBI by telling them that he has a registered loaded gun and that he’s dangerous and they need to take it from him. This is a Gang Stalking 2nd Amendment tactic that these individuals use to target the enemy (TI) in an attempt to have them terminated from their job or investigated and possibly swatted. The handlers Devin Wenig and Brian Burke at eBay Inc must be proud of their spokesman Hubcapjoes. The only way to stop Hubcapjoes is to flag the Crazeenydriver YouTube channel and remove the so called yellow pus from the open sore known as eBay Motors.

Hubcapjoes Cyber-Stalks Registered Gun Permit Owner

Evidence #1:

Evidence #2:

Stalking Evidence using United States Postal Service

This is menacing and cyber-stalking, Hubcapjoes business man in Oradell NJ admits in these audio files above that he’s already contacted my workplace and called the FBI on me. This man is dangerous, he’s already had me put on the news. Below is a copy of his Certified mail return receipts where eBay Seller Hubcapjoes has contacted my employer on two occasions to try and have me terminated for a civil matter brought upon by himself claiming I owe him money for hubcapjoes on a news hit piece. Also included below is the actual tracking evidence from USPS to prove the tracking numbers were real. What he sent to my workplace can be subpoenaed by a judge if I decide to sue Joseph Demarco and eBay Inc for damages. I have blurred and beeped out my Workplace information because it’s nobody’s business where I work and make my living. I have a perfect work record with my employer and great relationship with my Union membership. This really says a lot about a company like eBay inc when they allow their top rated sellers to cyber stalk, bully and harass former sellers/buyers without any repercussions. Many sellers in the past have gotten NARU’s or account selling suspensions for such abuse on eBay but not this guy. There is a nice law suit here waiting to happen!

USPS Tracking info verified to be valid:

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Fox 2 News Rob Wolchek Personal Protection order Case Transcripts Click Here Read about how the news reporter lied on the stand to obtain a PPO and violate the rights of a private public citizen that has no criminal record of any kind, and never had. Fox 2 News was sued and the case was thrown out on Summery Judgement because my lawyers were incompetent.

Gang Stalking 2nd Amendment Bullying

This belligerent buffoon they call Hubcapjoes has no credibility, due to the slew of questionable negative transactions reported by that records a seller’s history. Joseph Demarco ‘s sales on eBay have diminished due to eBay not liking his weekly videos. eBay will continue sending him buyers that force returns through his account until he gives up selling on eBay. Once his sales are down to nothing they will finally fire off that NARU and suspend his selling.

His Feedback that can’t be hidden:


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