Ebay Falsely Advertises Fee Free Listings

Ebay Falsely Advertises Fee Free Listings

Ebay Falsely Advertises Fee Free Listings
Free Listings For New Sellers

Ebay falsely advertises fee free listings to new sellers that sign up with a standard Ebay seller account, they claim you will get free listings which should mean that the seller isn’t charged at all for it, however we have video evidence from youtube pricewars, a new seller on Ebay getting charged for his new listing even when the item didn’t sell. This is false advertising by Ebay Inc. The information on new listing charges highlighted below was taken from Ebay’s own website that describe the fee structure for new seller accounts. Many people selling on Ebay for the first time do in fact get charged for newly listed items therefore this could be a simple ebay bait and switch to bring people into their web site in order to get people to list new items so their information can be scrutinized through strict ebay verification techniques.  Ebay false advertising at it’s best.

New standard fees (fees without an eBay Stores subscription):

  • Continue to pay no insertion fees on up to 50 listings* a month. Starting April 16, these free listings can be either fixed price or Auction-style.
  • Add Buy It Now FREE to your Auction-style listings*.
  • As always, get up to 12 pictures per listing (Motors vehicles excluded).
  • Get the listing scheduler FREE and control when your listings start and end.
  • When your item sells, you’ll pay one flat 10% final value fee based on the total amount of the sale, with a maximum fee of $250*.
  • eBay’s standard fees may be the right choice if you sell occasionally or sell to earn extra cash. If you sell more than 50 items a month, you may benefit from the overall discounted rates that come with the new eBay Stores subscriptions.

Ebay Falsely Advertises Fee Free Listings – Video Proof