eBay Facebook Group Sellers Get Defect Ratings Protection

eBay Facebook Group

eBay Facebook Group top rated sellers get negative feedback defect rating protection by eBay and PayPal employees using Facebook now exposed by Ebayisajoke. We have been monitoring a seller named Joseph Demarco AKA Hubcapjoes who was in the media for targeting an eBay Critic with false accusations about bidding on his items and not paying which was untrue according to investigators. eBay Motors seller Hubcapjoes has a shady past with regard to Poor Customer Service and lack of professionalism within his auction listings and loves to use his YouTube channel to brag about how wonderful he’s doing. An article titled “Hubcapjoes Gets Feedback Removed by eBay Corporate Friends” showed how a recent negative feedback rating was given by a buyer then removed from Joseph Demarco’s account right after it was given.

Thrifting With The Boys FB Group Front For eBay Cyberterroryzm?

We discovered that Hubcapjoes is receiving special treatment from eBay and PayPal employees that belong to a popular eBay Facebook group called Thrifting With The Boys. Such members include Amanda Christine Miller, Cindy Sorley, Scott Henshaw, Jim Griff and Jason Smith all of which work for eBay or PayPal in some capacity. We have linked all these individuals to Joseph DeMarco and we wouldn’t be surprised if they had something to do with helping Joe maintain his seller status on eBay Motors.

We are looking for concrete evidence that may link eBay Inc to the individuals listed in this article or the DDOS attacks which may have been orchestrated by Joe’s friend that sells Laptops and other electronic items from a Computers4u UK store. We think that Blue Angel Host offshore hosting is owned by eBay Inc and used against Critics to protect eBay’s bottom line.

It also has been said that many of these Top Rated Sellers from the Facebook Group have been buying from each other and leaving each other feedback in order to maintain seller discounts, because without listing and final value fee discounts you won’t make any money on eBay especially if you’re a small seller.

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Joseph Demarco also loves to blame his buyers for his problems:

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The following people are giving their social Top Rated Seller Facebook friends Defect Ratings Protection on eBay Inc. Does this mean that the Defect Ratings System doesn’t work, or are these people just receiving special treatment because they belong to a popular eBay Facebook group. Small sellers may be discriminated against for having low sales volume or Top Rated Sellers may have influence over the powers that be in order to manipulate or lower competition.

Amanda Christine Miller – eBay Communication Washington Lobbyist

eBay Facebook Group

Cindy Sorley (PayPal Employee) Claims to be a PayPal Embassador

Scott Henshaw (PayPal Employee) Claims to be a PayPal Embassador

eBay Facebook Group
Jim Griffith (eBay) AKA Uncle Griff & Jason T. Smith (Thrifting With The Boys) Facebook Group

What do all of these people have in common you ask? Well, they are all part of a Facebook group called “Thrifting With The Boys” if you look up any of these people below you can link them all to that group. You ask why is this important? Well the trail of breadcrumbs always lead back to the very people responsible for trying to make Ebayisajoke look like a cyber bully and scammer in the media perpetuated by Joseph Demarco of 321 Pine St Haworth NJ. He also owns a store on 90 Kinderkamack road Oradell NJ. A story concocted by Hubcapjoes in the media apparently supported by eBay and PayPal employees along with the help of social media superfans from Lithium Technologies to cast negative PR on a critic that they just can’t seem to shake.

Quote from Ebayisajoke:

When they shut down my business in 2004, I made a promise to myself that I will not let that happen to anyone else. I will speak up against eBay and they will know that I will always be a thorn in their side. Over 10 years later I have gotten stronger and still I will not lay down for anyone. I am Ebayisajoke and I am not going away. Your policies have put good honest people out of business and for that I will expose you every step of the way until I pass from this green Earth.

eBay Facebook Group

eBay Facebook Group Hubcapjoes Reveals Their Names

In the following video Joseph DeMarco AKA Hubcapjoes eBay Top Rated Seller reveals the names of employees protecting his seller account from getting any defects or negative feedback from honest buyers. Highly unfair wouldn’t you agree for those sellers that were just kicked off eBay for absolutely no reason and lost their business? Would you want to do business with a company that gives special treatment to certain sellers in an eBay Facebook Group socially affiliated with eBay or PayPal employees? eBay Shareholders should be aware of influence and special treatment on the seller platform. I would almost bet that eBay Board Members are affiliated with with these Groups in some form or another.

In this video below, I give my reaction to the video Hubcapjoes did on YouTube. Notice at the end of his video Hubcapjoes loves to brag about how wonderful he’s doing at eBay Inc. Sooner or later he will be looking in from the outside and he will wonder what it was that he said. Joseph DeMarco is a fraudster, scammer, and Putz.

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