eBay Abusive Seller Feeds His Dog French Fries

dog feederThis dog feeder, and eBay Seller “Indoor_Thrift” abuses his dog by feeding it french fries from McDonalds. What’s even worse is that he feeds his pet with his mouth and also admits to feeding his dog peanut butter from another location. We identified this man as being Keith Detwiler from Marietta Georgia. Keith Detwiler is an abusive online troll using YouTube to abuse harass and stalk people online. This crazy individual is a google account hacker and loves making videos in his car with his only friend, his dog. So sad. Keith Detwiler has no friends, spends all day in his car with his dog, and puts his junk up on eBay for sale. Never buy any thrift junk from eBay’ers because eBay has become a marketplace for junk.

“She kept sniffing my french fries, so I put one in my mouth” says the sick puppy lover. Keith Detwiler removed his videos again so I placed a video of another dog eating french fries instead. But in the photo you can see how sick he is.