eBay Deadbeat Sellers Don’t Like to Pay their Bills

ebay deadbeat sellerseBay Deadbeat Sellers like Hubcapjoes apparently love Stiffing Local Businesses on Snow Removal Services that had been rendered to him in 2016 just like eBay does on vehicle Purchase Protection scams with vehicle buyers. A man named John owns a Snow Removal company called Snow Landscaping Services sent us a copy of an unpaid bill Joseph Demarco never paid for Snow Removal services that were performed for the business address of Hubcapjoes in Oradell, NJ. What a deadbeat con-man said John J. He couldn’t believe how week after week he pretends to help people on YouTube with eBay but then stiffs his business for over $1200 bucks. John said he asked him for payment a dozen times and got the runaround.

eBay Deadbeat sellers must pay their bills just like they would expect any buyer too -said John. Joseph Demarco feels he didn’t owe the Snow and Landscaping Services company a dime maybe he should be put in the Hall of Shame. Hubcapjoes is a eBay Deadbeat seller and we advise the landscaping service to file a civil complaint against Mr. Demarco for his non payment. To file a Small Claims complaint in Bergen County visit their courthouse and fill out a small claims complaint form. Information on the courthouse is below:

Bergen County Justice Center
Room 427, 10 Main Street
Hackensack, NJ 07601

The Court’s telephone number is (201) 527-2730.

eBay Deadbeat Sellers Non Payment Evidence

eBay Deadbeat Sellers Schooling Buyers