eBay Employees and Facebook Cyber Gangs go after Reputable Sellers Using Social Media Facebook Groups

eBay Cyber Gangs

eBay Cyber Gangs Use Social Media to abuse Reputable Former Sellers

Social Media bully and eBay Seller Joseph Demarco of Haworth NJ (Oradell NJ Business Owner Hubcapjoes) is spamming Twitter and going after a reputable former eBay business called Docs Quality Cars. This isn’t the only problem Crazeenydriver has on his plate these days according to an article called Attacks on Critics Exposing eBay Corporate Wrong Doing where Hubcapjoes is abusing people using an offshore website. It can be proven that he’s indeed the owner of the abusive site so we posted the whois Administrator’s information below this article. Hubcapjoes uses a Twitter account called “Mr. Anti Bullying”, he does the opposite of what the name implies. He bullies people!

Wanna here what it sounds like when Joseph Demarco Kisses Jim Griffith’s Ass and reads from a script on eBay Radio? Joe just loves to hear himself talk, and he panders to eBay employees like Griff in order to cover up what he really does against people. eBay Cyber Gangs Griff admits his friends stole Hub caps as kids. Contact Griff at: [email protected]bay.com to protest seller Hubcapjoes.

eBay and PayPal employee Scott Henshaw Joseph Demarco’s friend and eBay Confidant may in fact be behind these attacks. Scott Henshaw is also seen giving eBay Cyber Gangs including Hubcapjoes tours of eBay and PayPal’s headquarters during an eBay We Are 20 Event that took place in San Jose California. eBay Tour Given to Abusive Cyber Stalker.

eBay’s continued disregard for shutting down this seller’s account may be their way of giving the middle finger to those who expose eBay’s dirty laundry. eBay Inc lost trust and safety within the community and can never get it back. Taking pro-active steps to get that back would be to start by cleaning up some of these social eBay Cyber Gang rats from their platform. Harboring abusive sellers while other businesses are purged for absolutely no reason isn’t acceptable. Devin Wenig, where is the no tolerance policy on abusive sellers like Hubcapjoes?

Offshore Website Owner Hubcapjoes (Whois Privacy):