eBay Customer Support Epic Fail Says Hubcapjoes

eBay Customer Support is an epic fail times two says Hubcapjoes of eBay Motors

eBay customer support

Please don’t let there be an NARU today in my account he prays! eBay Customer Support just doesn’t get it says Hubcapjoes. The auction of impending doom, a Hubcapjoes fifteen dollar greed auction could mean the beginning of the end for this top rated seller at eBay Motors. Trust me says Ebayisajoke it all starts with just one negative and it’s downhill from there. In this video below you can see that something is eating Joseph DeMarco up from the inside out. He then takes a drink of his Gatorade and when he swallows, Ebayisajoke is like a bitter pill going down and he can’t stand the taste. Many sellers pray each day they don’t open that nasty email asking you to call into eBay’s offshore customer service because they know what’s about to happen. It’s almost like an NFL football player getting cut on HBO’s “Hard Knocks” and for those that run multiple selling stealth accounts certainly know what that email says cause it’s happened to them before. It means that today is your last day of being the big shot top rated seller of the community and it’s time to clean out your locker. You can just feel the bead of sweat rolling down your face as you hope and pray that the email your about to open is not from eBay Inc asking you to turn in the play book. I don’t wish this on my worst enemy. Well maybe some, (I won’t lie), remember Karma is in play here and when you mess with people, and lie to people, it all comes back around and bites you in the ass. You can be on the outside looking in just as fast as you shipped out your last item for the day.

This is the audio version of Crazeenydriver’s YouTube Video rant:

In this video made by Crazeenydriver of YouTube (Hubcapjoes) he’s ranting about some eBay issues and a case filed against him by a buyer. You are not allowed to post information on eBay members outside of eBay or speak about cases that are currently being investigated by eBay trust and safety. This is against the policy but as usual he thinks he’s above the policies. Lets listen to the audio of Joseph DeMarco’s YouTube video then watch my video below for my comments.

eBay Customer Support

eBay Customer Support rant video by Hubcapjoes.

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