Ebay Customer Service Representative

Ebay Customer Service Representative better known as “CSR” actually stands for “Customer Sabotage Representative”

Yes that’s right people, these customer service representatives outside the United States are actually sabotaging seller accounts. Does Ebay know what’s going on? I think they do because this has been happening now for over ten years on the Ebay platform. Many sellers have been having issues with listing items on their accounts and they are receiving that “MC607” email message stating that their listings have been pulled. This is typically due to false Vero claims submitted on honest hard working sellers simply to get them banned from the system by competitors. Customer service will sit there and tell you until your blue in the face that your account is ok and that you can go ahead and re-list your items and then you get that next email that says you have been suspended from selling for three days. Many sellers are up in arms about this, and the only way get back your account is through a bogus appeal that gets you nowhere. Ebay’s so called appeal process is no process at all. If you can’t email a live person and present proof that you own the items your selling what good is an appeal?

Many honest sellers daily are losing their accounts because of customer sabotage representatives. Always ask to talk to a manager and never deal with someone outside the United States when it comes to your US business.