eBay Corporate Governance Much Worse Than Ever

eBay Corporate GovernanceeBay Corporate Governance is much Worse than Carl Icahn (American Businessman) ever thought in 2018 when he pushed for a management change while owning 2.5 percent of the company. Icahn called for the spin off PayPal at the time and eBay didn’t want it. Carl Icahn feuded with eBay over it’s 2009 sale of a majority stake of the online phone service Skype to private investors, including wanting the removal of eBay board member Marc Andreessen’s from venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. Icahn also said that eBay CEO in 2014, John Donahoe (Now CEO of ServiceNow) should not be in control over PayPal, but after spinning off PayPal, three short years later eBay has decided bring in another pay gate called Adyen. eBay has been using Top Rated sellers from Facebook recuitment groups to go after critics using social media sites like YouTube, a form of inside racketeering.

  • In 2014 Carl Icahn Publicly feuded with eBay over Skype Phone Service to Investors.
  • Top Rated Sellers like Hubcapjoes being paid to go after former sellers by cyberstalking and bullying them.
  • Hubcapjoes posts nasty video content to YouTube in order to incite violence against Charles Fitch.
  • YouTube partner channel Crazeenydriver caught producing nasty channels about seller Doc’s Quality Cars.
  • Hubcapjoes a Rogue fanboy for eBay admits he won’t use free shipping and won’t take returns.

eBay Corporate GovernanceWe’ve been reporting on this Seller for quite sometime now of which admits getting free “Stuff” for abusing former sellers and critics. His name is Joseph Demarco AKA Hubcapjoes. One former eBay car seller known as Doc’s Quality Cars (Retired Used Car Dealer) in the Tampa Bay area has been harassed over and over by Hubcapjoes. An eBay fan boy gone rogue. Hubcapjoes AKA YouTube’s Crazeenydriver doesn’t like to offer free shipping and loves to try and get people fired from their jobs.

Bad eBay Corporate Governance – Cyberbullying

Crazeenydriver is a Nasty Cyberbully for eBay Inc