eBay China Seller Battery Galaxy Gives Away Free Items if You Want a Refund

batterygalaxyeBay China Seller BatteryGalaxy Gives Free Items to Buyers that are not Satisfied with his shipping time or customer service in Electronics. The fact is any unhappy buyer on eBay can just call PayPal and complain about the product they buy and get the money back and the item for free using PayPal’s Courtesy Refund Excuse because by law, any third party merchant depositor operating as a Bank now is obligated to return the funds to the credit card. The China seller BatteryGalaxy has been free to rip off buyers on eBay for many years. You’ll notice his feedback rating shows over 300 Negatives for the past 12 Months, but really this seller has literally Thousands of negatives in his seller account since 2005. He is a drop shipper that purchases products from China once you pay for it on eBay then uses a third party to ship it out. The seller doesn’t have any of his listed products in his possession because they are shipped from his China sources, causing his buyers to wait weeks or months for their items. Nobody wants to wait this long when his listings says one day handling and shipping time misleading the buyers. All his buyers reportedly call him a scammer and have been abused on Social Media Platforms by the seller. The only way to fight China ePacket Sellers is to play their game by ordering their products and submitting chargebacks and calling to ask for refunds. This data has been reported to us by many eBay buyers.

There are also reports of the seller buying from his own account now for years to boost his own feedback ratings. I purchased a battery from this seller years ago for a phone and it arrived weeks later and was bulged or puffed out and would barley fit in the phone. The battery didn’t work. I called eBay in 2005 and asked for a refund and they gave it to me. Don’t do any business with drop shippers on eBay. You may be scammed and your time wasted. Always buy Phone Batteries from Amazon.