Another failed eBay Celebration Event in San Jose California to Excite Top Rated Sellers

Critics are sounding off after another failed eBay Celebration Event took place in San Jose California called eBay We Are 20 an eBay Celebration Event. eBay’s CEO Devin Wenig stood up and talked about new policy changes coming once again to eBay at what was called a eBay Celebration Event Just what are they Celebrating I wonder? One of their major policy updates could be the removal of the failed Defect System. Other significant changes are coming around Christmas and will once again leave sellers hanging by their fingertips over a steep rocky cliff and a fast flowing white water river filled with large obstacles beneath them.

eBay can’t sustain the downward stock spiral much longer, so changes need to be made fast because the shareholders are starting to raise questions of eBay’s Corporate Governance of it’s Marketplace and why couldn’t Devin Wenig address the buyer fraud? What measures will eBay take in 2016 to prevent it?

Why Sellers stopped selling on eBay by Louis Rossmann:

Online Ecommerce must change for sellers! eBay and other venues are allowing too much buyer fraud. Credit Card Companies will have to look at Chargeback policies to prevent fraud. Having a “Venue driven” refund policy or Buyer Guarantee tells buyers it’s ok to commit fraud with sellers.

Here is one poster’s comments from the popular eBay Ecommercebytes about the eBay Celebration Event, and comments made by Devin Wenig of which Pace306 writes:

You have to have a large set of CAJONES to be able to get up on stage and lie to people like that. Wenig’s background is finance and law, he knows NOTHING about selling. He’s surrounded himself with others that are similar, and when he speaks you can hear all the lies. When his mentor JD was hired, eBay ceased being an eCommerce company, but instead became a managed marketplace who’s ONLY METRIC was about profits. NOTHING eBay has done since 2008 has been about connecting people unless you mean from their wallets to their bank account. I understand that ALL companies need to make profit – eBay as well – just don’t LIE about it. Don’t help yourself to money that’s NOT YOURS, and say that’s connecting people? – its not.

eBay’s main fault – they are always reactive not PROACTIVE. Unless prodded, unless sued, unless there’s a negative change to the bottom line – eBay will continue down “the road”, ANY road as long as it brings in money – and damn the person or people they hurt doing so.

1) An entire new suite of mobile apps (announced on Tuesday).

That’s only because Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook who are the 3 kings of mobile now have buy buttons. That’s eBay being REACTIVE again, instead of PROACTIVE. Had those 3 companies not expanded into eCommerce, eBay would have stayed asleep at the switch.

2) Seller updates. Upon hearing silence, Wenig ad-libbed, “I’ve never heard a single person applaud for a seller release.”

Well then stop making them hurt your selling partners and people WILL look forward to them. They are NEVER positive. There’s always a NEW TAKE in it, a new punishment, and new way to GET YOU. Today’s announcements are probably the first in ages that haven’t been OMINOUS for sellers. Of course they don’t go into effect any time soon. Lets screw you a bit more over the holidays. Why aren’t they POSITIVE? Why aren’t they chocked full of new and exciting features? There are a MILLION things they COULD do – if they only really wanted.

3) Returns – a solution to create a united and flexible returns process. eBay Celebration Event

A solution in search of a problem. Most of us already had perfectly good return policies BEFORE eBay stepped in. If eBay wants to dictate how I should run my business – take some responsibility when there’s a problem. Don’t insult my intelligence by telling me “we don’t know what you shipped or what you got back so STFU take a loss”.

Stay out of things that DON’T concern you. Let each vendor make their OWN policies and then buyers can choose to either buy from a seller that takes returns, or buy from one that doesn’t.

I don’t tell you how to spend the FVFs so stay out of my business!

4) A new product called the Seller Hub. “A suite of information and tools which have never been at your fingertips before.”

YAWN, nobody cares. Stop putting ads in my listings, stop letting Chinese and overseas sellers pretend to be US based and stop giving them better treatment then US eBay Celebration Event sellers.

Putting lipstick on a pig, doesn’t make it NOT a pig.

A video taken by one of eBay’s Sellers Hubcapjoes shows a stampede of blind leading the blind at an eBay Celebration Event. Once again judging by it’s low turnout numbers eBay has failed. Maybe people are just getting tired of being asked to pay for attending brainless BULLSHIT.

eBay We Are 20 eBay Celebration Event Video

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