Cease Desist to Critic eBayisajoke from ebay Inc, Hubcapjoes and Cliffview Pilot Jerry DeMarco

This was a Cease Desist ebay letter I got on my email today from someone at eBay Inc’s legal department telling me to stop logging into their eBay.com and Stubhub.com accounts along with harassing eBay Seller Hubcapjoes and his Brother Jerry Demaro. I haven’t logged into those accounts in years, and do not currently sell or buy on eBay Inc. This is another bully tactic by eBay Seller Hubcapjoes. If you remember in 2013 Cliffview Pilot Jerry Demaro from the Daily Voice was instrumental in helping Fox 2 news Personality from the Hall of Shame get a press release out about me all over the internet saying I was a bully and didn’t pay for eBay items. The story was made up to defame me to protect Joseph Demarco’s online ebay business. As soon as the new video surfaced by Car Doctor “Doc” from eBaymotorssucks.com explaining why Charles Fitch created the Character eBayisajoke, the seller again went on a YouTube flagging streak striking down our G rated videos on YouTube.

Cease Desist Letter from Hubcapjoes


Why Charles Fitch created the Character eBayisajoke

5 Reasons not to do business with eBay Inc in San Jose, California

  1. The eBay interface for listing items is slow, non-intuitive, generally terrible. I spent a few minutes taking nice photos of my item. Then I spent a solid hour getting it listed. It took far too long to list an item.
  2. eBay charges a 9% fee of the final value! Holy Mr. Hubcapjoe Dollar! The more expensive of an item you sell the more you pay. On the $357 item I sold I was on the hook to eBay for $30.60.
  3. Then good old PayPal gets their cut. 2.9% plus 30 cents. On the buyers $357 transfer to my PayPal account, I was out another $10.65!
  4. I have to find a box and packing material and spend time getting the item packaged up and ready to go.
  5. I have to make a special trip to the Post Office and wait in a long line inevitably next to someone that smells an awful lot like cabbage.

    Consumer Affairs eBay Complaints


eBay Cease Desist Letter

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