eBay Boardroom Under Fire when Privacy Complaints Arise from Users Against Hubcapjoes

ebay boardroomeBay Boardroom Under Fire for Online Bullying and Harassment catching flack when one of their top rated eBay Motors sellers Hubcapjoes gets caught abusing other eBay’ers on the platform. The shareholders of eBay are in an outrage over this Doxing and they told eBay to “Shape up, or Ship Out!”, Devin Wenig on the chopping block for allowing one of its Top Rated eBay Sellers to harass, bully and Gang Stalking it’s members violating their privacy policy on eBay Inc, and also committing other various violations including Duress by constantly targeting someone in a hateful manner will not be tolerated on our website, said one of its officers on Friday March 15th 2019.