Black Budget Funding Private Investigators for eBay Seller

It’s been said that eBay maintains a Black Budget Fund of cash tucked away for a rainy day to help combat the critics which includes but is not limited to private investigations where they follow people around to get private information including their workplaces, churches they attend, or any information which can be somehow twisted and formed into a negative image and used against that person.

Former eBay Motors Seller Speaks:

Offshore Website Owned By Top Rated Seller Cyberstalking For Swag

In the video below we have an ex Florida car dealer by the name of Doc who has been investigated by none other than Hubcapjoes of eBay AKA crazeenydriver on YouTube that gets fake views and subs in order to maintain a positive image for the eBay community so that users of YouTube will believe negative media hype that’s set to defame said critics or whistleblowers of the eBay Platform. The video you’re about to watch is where Doc proves that crazeenydriver owns the malicious offshore website by the name of is funded by an eBay Seller that is currently a spokesman for eBay and paid in Swag as compensation for his efforts to silence critics. When will eBay get rid of the negative abusive users on their platform and restore trust and safety to the eBay community?

CrazeeNyDriver Behind The Scenes Look With eBayIsAJoke