eBay Seller Gets a Special Delivery of Bird Poo

bird pooWhile doing his weekly video on YouTube eBay Seller Hubcapjoes aka the Crazeenydriver Joseph A De Marco of Oradell NJ gets a special delivery of bird poo from the heavens. We did a close up of his Bosley Hair Piece to show you the bird poo landing on the forehead and hair of Crazeenydriver during his video. An embarrassing moment to say the least but on the other hand we just call it Karma because for years now Hubcapjoes has abused critics and also his buyers with abusive videos on YouTube even going after eBayisajoke’s employer using repulsive public service announcement type videos to get people to file fake complaints on Charles Fitch AKA eBayisajoke. Joseph De Marco sells under the name “Hubcapjoes” and owns an eBay store selling Hubcaps, center caps and other knockoff merchandise of which eBay allows.

Bird Poo Hubcapjoes Mischief

Bergen County Dennis CaloThis is menacing by stalking, Hubcapjoes business man in Oradell NJ admits in this audio file that he’s contacted my workplace on many occasions including emailing them to get me terminated from my Union Job. This is evidence of two counts of U.S Mail fraud and stalking. Shown is a copy of two Certified mail return receipts where eBay Seller Hubcapjoes has contacted my employer on two occasions by mail to try and have me terminated for owning a registered firearm in my home. Included below is the actual tracking links for each of the certified mailings by Joseph Demarco AKA eBay Seller Hubcapjoes. What he sent to my employer could be enough to have him charged and arrested by Bergen County Prosecutor’s office Dennis Calo. I have beeped out personal information in the following audio clip below for online privacy reasons. I have a perfect work record with my employer and great relationship with my Union membership and co-workers. The evidence here and verified tracking info below should be enough for Dennis Calo to prosecute Joe Demarco and bring him up on stalking charges I have already notified his office. I am willing to sign a complaint. The city of Oradell should be a shamed of this man operating his dirty abusive business and further more shouldn’t patron his business unless you wish to be abused. Please tell Bergen County Dennis Calo to prosecute.

USPS Tracking info verified to be valid:

Bird Poo – Audio of Hubcapjoes

Evidence Exhibit: