eBay Favors Non-Drop Shippers in Search Results

search resultseBay hates dropshippers now, and non-dropshippers are being favored in search results while businesses that drop ship are getting limits and/or restrictions placed on their accounts for drop shipping to their buyers. In many cases these sellers are being suspended and penalized by #eBay and their listings are buried in search results never seen by anyone or placed at the bottom to favor a top rated #seller that doesn’t drop ship. Devin Wenig known as the new Hitler of eBay Inc continues to make bad business decisions while the stock share at eBay plummets into the dark hole of the abyss. New sellers are staying away, while buyers continue to defraud using buyer return practices placing eBay in the Iron Maiden, and where they can’t break free. #ebaynewsroom #ebay @askebay @paypal @askpaypal

@askeBaywhy can’t eBay return it’s seller trust with its customers?
@ebaynewsroomwhy hurt businesses using excuses like Glitches to cover up your mistakes?

Sellers talks about Search Results Manipulation

Technical Issues & Search Results Glitches

Many sellers on eBay post videos on YouTube pretending to know how to get around the Listing and Search Results Glitches that plague eBay on a daily basis. eBay Top Rated Seller YouTuber’s have been abusing and cyberstalking buyers by posting violent videos on where their buyers live and work. Top rated sellers are not only getting away with murder but their getting away with abuse while executives like Jim Griff sit back and watch. Glitches and search results manipulation may be the farthest thing from Devin Wenig’s mind once he sees whats really going and how the stock is taking a nice hit (Sell it all and run!) says eBayisajoke the Seller Critic of eBay. Here are what some community members are saying:

search results

search results

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eBay Should Compensate Sellers for Glitches