Seller Indoor Thrift Drop Ships Products he Doesn’t Have on eBay

eBay doesn’t allow product listings on their platform if you don’t already own the item, and have in your possession ready to ship. This is called illegal 3rd Party Dropshipping. eBay seller Keith Allen Detwiler indoor_thrift has been using Kole Imports to drop ship products on eBay he doesn’t own and doesn’t have to ship. This causes risk on eBay for buyers.

eBay’s Policy on Drop Shipping

“Listing an item on eBay and then purchasing the item from another retailer or marketplace that ships directly to your customer is not allowed on eBay. In such cases, we may remove your listings from search, display them lower in search results, or remove them completely from the site. We may also limit, restrict or suspend your ability to buy, sell, or use site features on eBay, and you could lose any special status and/or discounts.” eBay’s Policy on Drop Shipping means that you are allowed to purchase items from a wholesaler and have them shipped to your business or home, then list the item for sale and ship from there. But not listing an item then going to sites like Kole Imports to then purchase and ship out. This is the part that is against the TOS of eBay.

Keith Allen Detwiler has also been bullying and harassing other sellers of eBay. The abusive seller and cyberstalker Keith Allen Detwiler also works for Top Rated eBay Seller Hubcapjoes, a YouTube bully and eBay Motors Seller Joseph J DeMarco is also harassing former users of eBay with various YouTube channels smearing people. These two sellers should be removed from selling by eBay’s Trust and Safety.