Dr Phil Treats Hubcapjoes for Exogenous Depression from being Only the Lonely

After years of suffering from Endogenous Depression Joseph DeMarco aka eBay Motors Seller Hubcapjoes agrees to reach out to Dr Phil for treatment. Joseph DeMarco was Divorced and has lived a lonely life in Haworth New Jersey for years. His wife of 18 years Divorced him because she said he was a complete asshole.

Joe DeMarco had no girl friends, not one since 2004 but he has one main love interest in Orlando FL and his name is Jason Decanio (YouTube Cyberbully Extraordinaire) and Social Verified YouTube Predator, but no ladies would ever express interest in the poor bastard Joseph DeMarco so he has taken up Cyberbullying and online Harassment in order to fill the void in his sad lonely pathetic life. Hubcapjoes the Grand Jury Bergen County Snitch does a weekly video series on YouTube called “eBay Talk” using the Crazeenydriver Screen Name, where he runs a shilling and Promo social operation for eBay Inc to attract more users to the platform. He also uses YouTube to dox and bully former eBay sellers like former eBay Motors seller DocsQualityCars which could mean the revocation of his seller status when Trust and Safety finally decide to take action on him for abuse. Joseph DeMarco will get that great big fat NARU eMail telling him he can no longer sell just Buy.

Evidence of Employment Doxing

In this audio file you’ll hear eBay Seller Hubcapjoes Doxing the workplace of Charles Fitch by using a tactic of which he tries to incite YouTuber’s to hate him or do his dirty work for him by calling his employer to file fake complaints.

Telling People to Submit False Chargebacks

Joe DeMarco Crazy for Biz Hacks

Evidence of Hubcapjoes Getting Paid off

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Running off Buyers on eBay Motors