Dorothy Thorpe China Listings Pulled with Listing Restrictions

Dorothy Thorpe China

Dorothy Thorpe China Listings are getting pulled by eBay Inc with Listing Restrictions placed on sellers. Why is eBay going after Vintage items? Apparently keywords in the Vintage categories trigger policy violations on unsuspecting small sellers. This is nothing new, this has been going on at eBay for years. The VeRO (Verified Rights Owner) program at eBay also makes it possible for sellers to file false take down claims in order to move sellers out of the way. In this situation the seller wrote a complaint on eBay forums and stated that the company isn’t even on the VeRO list. eBay makes it hard for sellers to sell an average everyday item because of their automated listing bots that automatically go out and search for keywords in a listing to violate that listing and remove it. One seller listed Dorothy Thorpe China on eBay, the vintage items clearly marked and photos showed the manufacturer’s labels. The item listed was from the mid-century era and claims the manufacturer is no longer in business. Why is eBay going after vintage items? It may be because Vintage items bring eBay Inc high final value fees from selective high volume top rated sellers. Competition is fierce in this category and only the anointed are allowed to push their goods.

When it comes to selling on eBay marketplaces, online sellers walk a thin tightrope not knowing what will happen to their account from one day to the next. This is what happens when a corporation allows “bots” and algorithms to do the job that real human beings should be doing, and we all know far too well the disastrous results.

Dorothy Thorpe China Listings Pulled

The only way to fight fire with fire when it comes to VeRO take down complaints is to do what your top rated sellers do to you by filing a VeRO take down claim on your competition. Here is a video showing how by eBayisajoke:

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