Don’t do Business with eBay Motors Seller and Bully Hubcapjoes

Many successful eBay sellers don’t conduct business like Joseph DeMarco does. I’m talking about eBay Motors seller Hubcapjoes who goes by the name of Crazeenydriver on Youtube and apparently has violations in his business that would injure customers that walk in. Hubcapjoes for years on YouTube concealed his eBay Motors business, at the same time bashing them every Friday in his videos while taking payments for his items he would sell there. eBay Motors allows Hubcapjoes to slander, defame, dox, bully, harass, and threaten former sellers and buyers that potentially pose some threat to him by exposing his “Buyer Bully Beatdowns”, he gives his customers for asking for refunds or wanting returns for his dirty items.

This man has a Hubcap shop in the city of Oradell, NJ and lives in the City of Haworth NJ. Joseph Demarco has hired various people to destroy an eBay Critic we even have the proof. He’s admitted to hiring investigators and news media in order to drum up “Fake News” on an eBay Critic. Despite what this man does, rest assured this Critic will not go away never in a million years!

Hubcapjoe’s Transaction History at eBay Motors
This link exposes Hubcap Joe as an abusive buyer himself. He will buy items then ask for returns or refunds, and then neg the seller. Hubcapjoes uses social media to attack eBay critics, he even goes after them through their Church and now he’s doing videos about their place of employment. eBay Seller Hubcapjoes has threatened to call someone’s place of employment on his Vidme channel to make up lies, telling them they are dangerous in the workplace just because they have a firearm in their home that’s used for protection. The videos below created by a third party in Clearwater Florida will explain why Charles Fitch created the character eBayisajoke.

We have a Documentation video of Hubcapjoes Spamming Twitter in order to bring attention to me by tweeting to people like the FBI, various news media etc etc. Crazeenydriver is actually the dangerous one and he spams every social media platform he’s on. His last Twitter account was shut down for spam and targeted harassment.

Hubcapjoes admits he’s been paid by eBay Inc