Does Stephanie Breon Really Know Jason Decanio?

Stephanie Breon

Would Jason Decanio’s girlfriend Stephanie Breon of Kissimmee Florida really be with him if she knew exactly what this guy’s mental condition was all about? Apparently Stephanie Breon who has hooked up with Jason Decanio of Oviedo Florida through a website called Plenty of Fish (POF) has no idea who she’s involved with. He is dangerous and he may involve her in such crimes as Mail Fraud and internet cyber bullying and stalking. We call Jason Decanio the Walgreens Employee Going Mad because we have video footage of him beating himself up with his own fists and screaming on video like a child gone mad. We offered to get help for Jason at one time but he declined. Jason Decanio’s newest YouTube channel is The Queens New Yorker staring only himself. An online radio show revealed the two being together almost nine months ago. Jason Decanio has been bullying and stalking Ebayisajoke for over two years on YouTube, false flagging his channels and filing false copyright and inappropriate content claims on his eBay videos to get them removed.

Could eBay Inc have some sort of involvement here? We don’t know for sure but anyone that can tie Jason Decanio or Stephanie Breon to eBay Inc or PayPal should drop a dime at the following email address [email protected] you will remain anonymous. We also have many of Jason Decanio’s YouTube channel comments screen captured at where we reveal just who Jason Decanio is through his multiple use of fake accounts.

YouTube Comments by Jason Decanio:
Stephanie Breon

Police Report filed on Jason Decanio for US Mail Fraud:
Stephanie Breon

We have a video below of him threatening people on YouTube. YouTube has since terminated many of his accounts but we backed up all the footage we could for you to witness and be the judge. Tell us what you think should Stephanie Breon escape this mad man while she has a chance or will she stick up for her man and possibly be implicated in such internet cyber terrorism that has become this ex-New Yorker.

Stephanie Breon – Sleeping with the Enemy?

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