Can Devin Wenig Protect People from Fraud on eBay Many Sellers Still Complain!

Devin Wenig becomes the latest victim of eBay Critics with this new image of him just hitting the internet. As a joke the image points out the on going Buyer Fraud that plagues the eBay Motors marketplace. We knew it wouldn’t be long before someone made a statement and boy what a statement it is. New President & CEO of eBay Inc Deven Wenig now takes over where John Donahoe left off.

Many people wonder will he clean up the fraud on eBay, and then again many people simply don’t care because they profit from it! Devin Wenig will have to dodge heat from the critics especially one vocal critic who calls himself eBayisajoke. You remember eBayisajoke (The Critic) was put in the news by a Top Rated eBay Motors seller named Hubcapjoes AKA Joseph Demarco of Haworth New Jersey a while back claiming the critic placed bids on Hubcaps but never paid. That allegation was later proven to be untrue.

Devin Wenig eBay President and new CEO

Will Devin Weineg continue to allow such abusive behavior in the marketplace or will he take swift action and clean up eBay? This remains to be seen and we should really give him a chance to reinstate all the accounts that were suspended for no reason on eBay Inc and bring back all those honest sellers and their money to the shareholders. Devin Wenig really has a chance to save eBay from drowning in the mud but it will be a huge feat. Devin Wenig is shown above in this latest photo by eBay Critic eBayisajoke possibly done to provoke a response or to raise attention. After all eBay has gotten the attention of their users over the past ten or so years now for using disruptive policy driven tactics all sent down from Bain Capitalist maniac named John Donahoe.