Devin Wenig

Devin Wenig CEO eBay Inc Business Executive has Gone Rogue

You wanna stay away from sellers like Hubcapjoes on eBay Inc because Devin Wenig CEO eBay Inc’s Business Executive has gone completely Rogue at eBay allowing seller Hubcapjoes to abuse buyers online while still maintaining his selling status. Hubcapjoes he’s part of a social media spin team spinning Chuck Fitch’s name all over the web with the help of about eight more people, two of them we know of even work at eBay and papal. The players faces are all above this page! This evidence has actually been proven by a Ed Koon AKA “Doc” formally a seller on eBay Motors ID Docsqualitycars who was attacked by Hubcapjoes stalked, and web doxed. eBay Inc ddos’ed our websites, they even called Doc’s church to try and get him removed from it.

eBay inc is a vicious company and eBayisajoke AKA Charles Fitch told eBay in 2001 he would be a thorn in their side and he made good on it. He’s the only critic that’s actually gone after eBay throughout John Donahoe’s rain of CEO, he had to get out cause it was getting to hot in sunny San Jose. When eBay’s time was up, they outed John Donahoe and brought in Devin Wenig CEO. Carl Icahn was smart when he backed out of doing deals with eBay because at the time we were exposing all the nasty dirty laundry eBay had to offer like the eBay Motors phishing scams (, and bad policies against small sellers to favor top rated sellers using Guardrail.

Lets take a look at what happened..

Twitter abuse linked to Seller Hubcapjoes Hubcapjoes uses a Twitter account called @reportbullies to Tweet out daily harassment only about Charles Fitch AKA eBayisajoke. The abusive Twitter page has been reported many times like his old one but hasn’t been shut down as of yet. Twitter doesn’t manually check content just like YouTube or Facebook doesn’t. This is a big problem when it comes to user data being sold or distributed without permission by these abusive groups like eBay Inc. You may wish to check out a video of Mark Zuckerberg Stealing your data.

Does the above video sound familiar? This is the same Investigative News Reporter that did the hit piece on me (eBayisajoke) in 2013 at the direction of eBay seller ID Hubcapjoes. Why is eBay and these liberal tards going after our guns? The following is an audio file of eBay Seller Hubcapjoes telling people to report Charles Fitch to his workplace and to the FBI by telling them that he has a registered loaded gun and that he’s dangerous and they need to take it from him. This is a Gang Stalking 2nd Amendment tactic that these individuals use to target the enemy (TI) in an attempt to have them terminated from their job or investigated and possibly swatted. The handlers Devin Wenig and Brian Burke at eBay Inc must be proud of their spokesman Hubcapjoes. The only way to stop Hubcapjoes is to flag the Crazeenydriver YouTube channel and remove the so called yellow pus from the open sore known as eBay Motors.

Hubcapjoes Cyber-Stalks Gun Owner

Evidence #1:

Evidence #2:

His Feedback that can’t be hidden:

Paid by eBay Inc to Cyberstalk Critics

Website Owned by seller Hubcapjoes in Bulgaria


Not Buyer Friendly at all

Charles Fitch used to advocate for small sellers on eBay that got shut down by their system called “Guardrail” eBay seller Hubcapjoes and many of the eBay team executives didn’t like this so they began a smear campaign on him. He didn’t care cause he had nothing to lose. It’s even alleged that the FBI are currently investigating eBay Inc for racketeering and stock manipulation. This will all come out in the wash very soon according to sources.