Hubcapjoes Quest to Destroy an eBay Critic by Smearing his Reputation on YouTube

Q: So why did Charles Fitch create the online YouTube Character eBayisajoke?

A: There were many things about eBay he didn’t like, the constant shutting down of small sellers, the ratings systems, the handling of new accounts in general and the abusive nature of PayPal with eBay sellers and holding their money. Many honest sellers started new businesses and found themselves being limited and getting questions from eBay asking them where they get their merchandise from and to prove why they were starting a business. This along with other things seemed kinda odd and when his seller account was shut down he began to investigate eBay Inc and then came across sellers on YouTube that were bashing eBay and PayPal while at the same time taking money from them. There were abusive people on the platform and eBayisajoke wanted to uncover that.

Q: Why did eBayisajoke go after the seller Hubcapjoes?

A: Because Hubcapjoes did weekly videos on YouTube bashing eBay and PayPal, literally biting the hand that fed him. He dodged questions as to what he sold and who he was, doing weekly videos talking about policies he didn’t agree with at eBay and PayPal. From 1999 until 2012 Joseph Demarco didn’t take PayPal he took ProPay. He ran Buy it Now listings and would speak out about the CEO and eBay’s failing changes and disruptive practices on consumers. eBayisajoke found abuse and documented the behavior of the seller and exposed it on YouTube threatening the business of Hubcapjoes by reporting to eBay his abusive buyer bully beatdowns. Another person enters the arena at this time named “Doc” The Car Doctor exposing eBay Motors Vehicle fraud and reporting on victims that were losing thousands of dollars.

Q: Why did Hubcapjoes go to eBay Live in Philly?

A: He turned eBay fanboy at this point because he didn’t wish to be shut down, so he went to Philly during an eBay Live convention to talk with executives about eBayisajoke and made up a story about him bidding on his items and not paying. He also accused eBayisajoke of hurting people on the platform. No proof was given, in fact a promotional nightmare campaign started to tarnish the reputation of the Critic wearing the Guy Fawkes Mask all in the name of protest to expose eBay.

Q: Did eBayisajoke really place bids on items listed by the Hubcapjoes seller?

A: No he did not. There was no evidence ever shown or proven, there were no Civil cases filed by Joseph Demarco in all of 3 years preceding these events. Hubcapjoes lied about the evidence and then had a news reporter from Michigan push through a story that was not properly investigated, a hit piece if you will.