Deranged Obsessive CyberStalking by eBay Seller Hubcapjoes

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Deranged Obsessive CyberStalkingHubcap Joe is a Deranged Obsessive CyberStalking Danger to the eBay community hiding behind eBay Inc and Voice Marketing Radio host Jim Griffith who’s been a “Scuff Mark” working for eBay Inc as a so called “Education Expert” for the past fifteen years or so. Voice Marketing Radio will highlight Joe Demarco AKA Hubcapjoes whenever he produces Deranged Obsessive CyberStalking videos under fake YouTube profiles about Charles Fitch and his employer to make him look good and the critics bad. Why isn’t Hubcapjoes using his CRAZEENYDRIVER main channel to produce the bullying and cyberstalking vidoes? could it be eBay Inc is in control of that Channel? instead he uses fake profiles created by his friend Jason Paul Decanio (Florida) to circumvent the account abuse policies at YouTube so that Joseph Demarco’s main channel is protected from suspension. Jason Decanio’s last known address was the Sedgefield Apartments and may be back living with his mother Theresa and currently attending/attended Valencia College studying on how to be a douche-bag.

Hubcapjoes admits he gets paid by eBay

Obsessive Business Man on the Brink of Destruction

When will the people at eBay take action against this abusive seller? We have many articles on this site that shows the multitude of compounding evidence of eBay racketeering. I personally think the FBI and FTC is looking into this matter but I don’t want to say for sure.

Deranged Obsessive CyberStalking

Below is a list of abusive YouTube Channels that have been created over the past six years by Keith Allen Detwiler, Jason Paul Decanio and Joseph DeMarco AKA eBay Seller Hubcapjoes to abuse and bully YouTubers. This is all evidence of online racketeering, bullying, and Cyberstalking. Lets list the abusive eBay Seller Accounts involved as well. Some of these channels have been shut down by YouTube and many more to follow. This is what the people at eBay do to you when you speak out about fraud and polices on eBay Inc. Passionate Critics will not back down! The following ebay stores are either active or their not but here are the url’s for Joseph J De Marco: Keith Allen Detwiler: Still Active but we’re working on shutting down, and Jason Paul Decanio: claims he never had one but his girlfriend has one and we’re working on shutting that one down. Keith Detwiler and Jason Decanio are YouTube internet trolls developing abusive channels daily for eBay Seller Hubcapjoes. His YouTube channel the Crazeenydriver is constantly being flagged for spam and abuse and it’s a matter of time before YouTube removes it.

Jason Paul Decanio’s Main YouTube Channel at:
Home Address: 198 Sedgefield Cir Winter Park, FL
Paypal email: unknown

Flag Keith Allen Detwiler’s Main YouTube Channel:
Home Address: 701 Bonnie Dell Dr, Marietta GA
PayPal email: (scammer warning/alert)

DE MARCO, JOSEPH J’s Main YouTube Channel:
Home Address: 321 Pine St, Haworth NJ
PayPal email: (scammer warning/alert)

Hundreds of Trolling Channels – Last Update: 7/14/2018 Reomeo Joseph Senecal (Keith Allen Detwiler) Jeep Taz (DE MARCO, JOSEPH J) Delvin Harris (DE MARCO, JOSEPH J) mark w (Jason Paul Decanio) anongunguy (DE MARCO, JOSEPH J) bill roberts (Keith Allen Detwiler) Vertical Axlewound (DE MARCO, JOSEPH J) ebay stalker (Jason Paul Decanio) geratric comedian (Jason Paul Decanio) ebanged (Keith Allen Detwiler) florida (Jason Paul Decanio) 2003 300 bucks (DE MARCO, JOSEPH J) ryan fowler (Jason Paul Decanio) lazy florida man (Jason Paul Dicanio) fake sticky ketchup (Keith Allen Detwiler) moneyman (Keith Allen Detwiler) simply read (DE MARCO, JOSEPH J) carlos condit (Keith Allen Detwiler) fitchy poll shoot yourself (Keith Allen Detwiler) you like poop (Keith Allen Detwiler) dannytube (Keith Allen Detwiler) (Jason Paul Decanio) simply unbelievable (Keith Allen Detwiler) Fails and fools (Jason Paul Decanio) John Allen (DE MARCO, JOSEPH J) Crosswalk Larry (DE MARCO, JOSEPH J) (DE MARCO, JOSEPH J) things you should know (Keith Allen Detwiler) Comcast IP address (Jason Paul Decanio) ***** John John (DE MARCO, JOSEPH J) (Jason Paul Decanio) Unknown grey haired teenager Jeff tate (Keith Allen Detwiler) Breaking Blass (Keith Allen Detwiler) Jailbird Fitch (DE MARCO, JOSEPH J) Scam Alert ebay scams donkey kong jr affiliate marketing for dummies SIMPLE MAN slammed ebayisajoke FRUIT OF THE LOOM MARKETER Guitar Bridge Cleaner Serious Gamers Unknown march on washington constant drone stop cyberbullying now beast of burden (Jason Paul Decanio) friendly youtubers seller skeptic comcast iP romulus michigan news of the day san largo (Jason Paul Decanio) remembering you (Keith Allen Detwiler) gators-rock-tim-t robert johnson (Jason Paul Decanio) people vs charles finch (Keith Allen Detwiler) smells like joker fish (Keith Allen Detwiler) ebanged centeral canton michigan bully mr trolling the way it is its all good fellas drama 101 times 2 Unknown ryan fowler (Jason Paul Decanio) dan cook very important news the canton clown mareitta manaic sonny largo (Jason Paul Decanio) sweet news (Jason Paul Decanio) control freak (Keith Allen Detwiler) the geriatric comedian unstable lowes employee the insider gamer tagg seven drop shipping made easy romulus michigan local stories

Deranged Obsessive CyberStalking

More Nasty video content and YouTube Channels created by eBay Seller Hubcapjoes. If you don’t like what this seller is doing on the internet please flag his main channel at CRAZEENYDRIVER on YouTube.

eBay Motors Abusive Seller Hubcapjoes

eBay Motors has been touted by their number one fanboy Hubcapjoes as being one of the best places to shop online for vehicles and automotive parts but if you look into the past of this fanboy you’ll see that he is nothing more than a shady promoter working for eBay Inc as a paid spokesman. Hubcapjoes, and other eBay Inc employees use YouTube to promote new buyers to the site so they can be scammed. We recommend that if you’re selling your vehicles online please use an honest site like AutoTrader or do the deal yourself from Craigslist. You’ll save yourself a world of hurt to avoid car buying fraud on eBay.