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Death Threats by eBay Hate Website Indoor Thrift Suspended

eBay seller Indoor Thrift posts a hate website produced about former sellers has been suspended today from Cloudflare for death threats and hate fake news articles copying my domain. The seller’s name on eBay is Keith Detwiler and sells small items that nobody wants. Keith Allen Detwiler mega abusive internet troll living in Marietta GA getting Social Security Disability benefits from the state because he says he’s bi-polar has high blood pressure and can’t work is the one that put up the hate site.

The Indoor Thrift seller is abusive and posting hate death threats but eBay doesn’t care what their sellers do outside of eBay. Another former eBay seller DocsQualityCars fell victim of the abusive threats and bullying attacks headed by Keith Allen Detwiler of Marietta GA stating that he’s a scammer, fraudster, that he rolled back odometers and sold Stolen cars on eBay. The following video gives explicit details by “The Car Doctor” just who’s behind the Social Reputation Management smearing attacks on Elderly sellers and Critics of eBay.

I really wish Keith would stop protecting Hubcapjoes, this is a chance for him to just remove that site and start taking down the channels. If he does, I have no problem removing articles, images of him from Google, videos or whatever else he forced me to post about him. After all, my fight isn’t with anyone other than Joe Demarco AKA Hubcapjoes, and he’s only enlisted the help of other trolls to try and deflect attention from him to those trolls. This is a form of manipulation.

death threatsHubcapjoes is another one of those online abusive trolls that have been dodging the NARU for quite some time now. He’s an eBay PR GUY that appears on YouTube every Friday doing videos about eBay, promoting them, giving advice about eBay, and claiming that he has connections high up in the ranks. It’s a shame that the Facebook users of eBay allow this guy to bully buyers and not take returns, and not offer free shipping. eBay buyers just want the same terms they can get Shopping on Amazon.