Dangerous Cyberstalker of eCommerce Should be Eradicated

Dangerous CyberstalkerA dangerous Cyberstalker of eCommerce should be eradicated from selling at eBay. Sources say that a dangerous eBay seller with a loaded registered Gun in Oradell New Jersey at 90 Kinderkamack rd Hubcapjoes aka business owner Joseph Demarco has a loaded registered Smith & Wesson firearm like the one you see here under his desk and may be dangerous to his store patrons. An inside source close to Hubcapjoes says that he keeps his firearm secured to the underside of the desk pointed right at door just in case his famous critic eBayisajoke shows up. When customers walk into Hubcapjoes the owner is ready for anything that goes down according to his words. This man is dangerous to society, and local business owners in the area of Oradell NJ and they should be warned. Hubcapjoes runs his YouTube partner channel under the name “Crazeenydriver” which according to Social Blade account, earns approximately $2.5k per year. For over five years Joseph Demarco has been a Sneaky Deceiving, and deranged Cyber Bully on YouTube. We will be sending these reports to the board members of eBay and also to the new payments system Adyen about to take the place of PayPal to see if they would like to be in the middle of this mess. The simple remedy here is to permanently suspend the selling privileges of Joseph Demarco. This will keep the community and buyers safe from further abuse by Team eBay.

Dangerous Cyberstalker Hubcapjoes

Dangerous Cyberstalker Captured Audio

  • Man identified as Joseph Demarco hates eBay Buyers with a passon.
  • Joseph Demarco’s brother is an Ex cop and may have gotten the firearm from him.
  • Joseph Demaro posts hateful and abusive content on his website about his buyers.
  • Hubcapjoes is bad business and may be dangerous to the public sources say.

Dangerous Cyberstalker Hubcapjoes

dangerous cyberstalker ebayAs you can see the Dangerous Cyberstalker Hubcapjoes at Google+ has had multiple strikes and warnings on his eBay YouTube channel which is about to go bye bye. He’s been trying to ruin me for five years and now it’s time for YouTube to see the abuse and remove his main partner channel so that he can no longer earn money abusing other YouTubers like me, the Seller Critic aka eBayisajoke. In the image you can see where YouTube has made Joseph Demarco remove the video from his personal partner account. Joe Demarco is also using other people to upload inappropriate bullying content of me to YouTube in order to circumvent the Bullying and Harassment policy. From here on out we will make sure all future abuse reports get an attachment showing the producer’s partner channel responsible for the bullying.

Tommy Watson says people like this are Dangerous Cyberstalker

Former Targeted Individual (TI) or Gang Stalking victim Tommy Watson of YouTube speaks out about how gang stalking works, because he was once stalked and his public reputation tarnished by his stalkers. Tommy Watson sheds light for us on how it works, and how they try and make the victim seem delusional as Hubcapjoes would put it when he talks about Charles w Fitch Canton Michigan. If you think eBay Inc and sellers like Hubcapjoes have targeted you personally please email for an interview.

Dangerous Cyberstalker Tactics by Corporations like eBay Inc


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