Tour of eBay given to an abusive online YouTube Cyber Stalker and Bully eBay Seller Crazeenydriver Hubcapjoes Oradell, NJ

YouTube Cyberstalker and number one fanboy recruit Hubcapjoes gets a tour of eBay and PayPal’s HQ by PayPal Employee Scott Henshaw. Looks like the tentacles of eBay reach out to the streets of Oradell, NJ these days wouldn’t you say? eBay uses their number one fanboy Joseph Demarco AKA YouTube’s Crazeenydriver for all the dirty smear work that goes on against Critics that expose fraud and corruption at eBay and PayPal.

There’s a serious eBay Public Relations Problem brewing and It’s way too big to sweep under the rug says eBayisajoke..

The short end of this story is that this top rated seller for the past three years has been involved in a number of eBay sanctioned cyber free speech attacks against people including former seller Ed Koon of Doc’s Quality Cars on eBay Motors. Joseph Demarco uses an eBay PR sanctioned YouTube channel to communicate updates and other messages to his subscribers and also to his eBay Facebook group fan base. The sellers are afraid of the eBay dirty laundry being released daily about Hubcapjoes and his connections to eBay and PayPal employees.

Recorded Phone call made by Ed Koon to Weebly offices regarding cyber-stalking page hosted on their server. Weebly twice now has refused to remove the abusive content. In short, Weebly Inc condones cyber-stalking through free user accounts.

eBayisajoke Demands that eBay Removes Abusive Sellers!

eBay Tour given to Seller Hubcapjoes by PayPal Employee Scott Henshaw

Please flag his youtube channel so that youtube can be safe again!

Update: (1/21/2017)

We have recently been able to get this page removed along with another one through the Weebly abuse form. As you can see Weebly pulled the page and it’s now redirecting to a 404 page. Two of the three harassment domains were pulled by weebly trust and safety due to legal reasons. However still the Jeff G in legal still refuses to pull the last domain. We suspect at some point the pages will return.

Weebly’s Scotsdale Arizona HQ
Weebly Abuse reporting