Cyber Troll Sells his Hubcaps on eBay Motors and Bonanza

cyber trollCyber Troll Hubcapjoes plows driveways for a living do to slow eBay sales. looking for hubcaps this year has dried up for poor old Joseph Demarco. The eBay cyber troll maliciously attack’s critics from his Hubcap Shop in Oradell New Jersey everyday on YouTube.

HubcapJoe also admits to selling on other venue likeĀ Bonanza Hubcapjoes Booth leaving eBay in a rut for the winter. He’s also admitted to selling over on Amazon in many videos. He’s really trying to push Amazon to allow him to sell his dirty hubcaps, in fact he sent them an email about it and they told him to take his dirty crap and go back to the junkyard with it.

eBay Motors Cyber Troll Hubcapjoes

eBay Kills Sellers by offering Cheaper Choices

Should eBay sellers cry over spilled milk? after crying for years about changes many eBay sellers learned that they shouldn’t cry over spilled milk after all. It’s not all changes that kill an eBay seller it’s the seller’s policies now and willingness to accept returns and give refunds, eBay has put the weight of the platform soley on it’s sellers to carry out what should be a perfect shopping experience but it’s still not perfect.

Hubcapjoes Bonanza Store

Top rates sellers are tired of the cold eBay brings around the holidays so they leave for a while and sell on Amazon and other venues. Even today’s flu shots can’t stop us from being sick of weak sales especially with the newly founded (off site) sponsored listings Crazeenydriver was kind to point out to us in his last video on YouTube.


Hubcapjoes selling off eBay really drives the dagger in deep, and makes a huge statements saying that he no longer puts his full Trust into selling on the eBay Platform. Many sellers are leaving eBay out in the cold despite the rising market share which has been said to be manipulated using social media and reputation managers through Facebook groups. It’s also been alleged that there is a current investigation going on at the FTC for racketeering and money laundering to Sofia Bulgaria through a web hosting firm called Telepoint Data.

Report a Cyber Troll to eBay: