Borderline Criminal Behavior is eBay’s Defect Ratings Policy

Criminal Behavior

eBay’s Defect Ratings System may be Borderline Criminal Behavior according to the flamboyant eBay Motors Top Rated Seller Hubcapjoes AKA the Crazeenydriver on YouTube. Even to this day this crybaby complains about the new Buyer Protection Policies that may now be out of his control preventing him from retaining his business. Soon Hubcapjoes will become yet another statistic however this time according to victims the seller deserves to be outside looking in. The Defect Policy Bot will be knocking on his door very soon according to Ebayisajoke. In Joseph Demarco’s latest video he once again bites the hand by complaining about the seller defect policy that was recently implemented to broaden buyer satisfaction in order to keep buyers from leaving and going to Amazon. Joseph Demarco claims there is a dangerous flaw identified in the Defect Policy which is just a selfish outcry from his soon to be demise. Looks like Hubcapjoes won’t be able to dodge the defect bots come August 20th which is what he’s so worried about. His account has now suffered more than two defects since the implementation of the new policy took place.


This guy threatened to put me behind bars. His fifteen minutes of fame on Fox 2 News in Detroit may be the downfall of his career. I personally know Hubcap sellers that provide a better service than this guy does. Just google to see his past negative feedback. He’s not a shiny star seller like everyone thinks.

Seller Admits to Borderline Criminal Behavior at eBay

Joseph Demarco presents a risk to all eBay sellers and his account should be suspended for misconduct. He admits to being a part of the Facebook group Thrifting With The Boys but doesn’t want to mention it on YouTube for legal reasons. It may spark a class action lawsuit because if he is not removed for misconduct than other sellers may act on eBay shutting down their businesses. Borderline Criminal Behavior. We have been trying to prove that Joseph Demarco gets special treatment by eBay and PayPal executives for some time now.

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Joe’s back is up against the wall and everyday when he opens up his eBay email he worries about getting that MC999 now from his own people. That’s a tough way to live your life Joe. The criminal behavior is that this guy is allowed to sell. Good luck to you buddy!

Message to Hubcapjoes from Doc:

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Message to Hubcapjoes from Slambay:

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