Credit Card Chargeback Fraud By Hubcapjoes

Credit Card Chargeback Fraud

eBay seller Joseph J DeMarco tries to persuade people to file credit card chargebacks through PayPal on eBay seller eBayisajoke. The eBay Motors team along with John Donahoe CEO & President of eBay trust and security should terminate seller account hubcapjoes from selling on eBay Motors. He is a risk to the eBay community and should also have his PayPal account terminated for abusive behavior.

Joseph J DeMarco, YouTube user crazeenydriver is a top rated seller on eBay since 1999. He claims to have good feedback however in the evidence section of Stop Internet Fraud Team this is not true at all. His feedback is really not good at all considering how he treats his customers. Joseph J Demarco not only sells hub caps and autos but also sells trading cards and other sports memorabilia on eBay under other seller account.

Hubcapjoes likes to use the YouTube platform to harass, cyber bully and cyber stalk anyone that doesn’t agree with his opinions by using various fake YouTube accounts but we have proof of his PayPal Credit Card Chargeback Fraud. He also tries to get people to commit crimes by telling people to file false online police and FBI complaints against eBayisajoke.

He also threatens people with incarceration and shows a lack of professionalism by putting stalker pages on his business website which were previously removed. He only has himself to blame if eBay takes the high road and suspends his seller account. He should be reported to YouTube and eBay for harassment right away. To report this individual for harassment email eBay at [email protected] and [email protected] To report Credit Card Charge back Fraud send an email to PayPal at [email protected] or notify the FBI at their internet fraud complaints division.

PayPal Credit Card Chargeback Fraud

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