Corporate Harassment at eBay Inc by Sellers using Dark Web Facebook Groups

eBay sellers like Hubcapjoes, and Social media spinners that use vip Dark Web Facebook groups like Kathy Terrill are involved in Corporate Harassment. Stephen Mcclarence talks about Gang Stalking, gov harassment and asset seizure in the video below. This is what I’m going through right now with Hubcapjoes. He’s attacking my job, Calling my job, and sending letters to my job of which I’m trying to get the Bergen county prosecutor’s office to move on him. And here is one of many YouTube videos he’s produced about my workplace using what is called a “PSA” angle to make it sound like he’s helping out the community when all he’s trying to do is get me fired which will never happen. The following video here is a man by the name of Stephen that talks about exactly what Hubcapjoes is trying to do to me. He also talks about how the gov does it using the Disposition Matrix that corporations like eBay inc use to go after their online critics like eBayisajoke.

More evidence to come soon that shows Hubcapjoes and eBay Inc harassing, stalking, bullying and trying to discredit me using public forums and sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. I’ll be adding to this article throughout the week some more evidence of Corporate Harassment by eBay Inc. You wouldn’t believe who’s really involved here. We have a young man from Germany that’s been providing information on me (The Seller Critic) AKA eBayisajoke to the nasty eBay Motors seller and then he’s in turn providing it to Brian Burke, Scott Henshaw and others at eBay Inc.

Audio Evidence of Hubcapjoes admitting eBay paid this him for abusing Members with Racketeering:

Is Hubcapjoes acting as a paid Informant for eBay Inc? When he gets swag, special treatment or some type of payment for harassing critics or former members of eBay, then he would be considered a paid Informant or Snitch! eBay seller Hubcapjoes has admitted that he spent lots of money and spared no expense tracking Charles Fitch down, following him and getting Local Fox 2 news to run a fake news hit piece on him damaging his public reputation both as a seller and as a citizen. This is not acceptable abuse tolerated by eBay Inc. We know eBay Inc was involved with this and still is. They will soon have to dump this Grand Jury Snitch.