Corporate Cyberstalking by eBay CEO John Donahoe

Corporate Cyberstalking

eBay CEO John Donahoe is responsible for Corporate cyberstalking when he allows Hubcapjoes the ability to sell while abusing other sellers using offshore websites and social media to bully. In March of 2015, eBay Motors Critic “Doc” from eBay Motors Sucks blog was finally able to connect the dots after a Chasing New Jersey interview back in 2014 regarding the abusive behavior coming from one of eBay’s own, Hubcapjoes took it upon himself to smear and personally damage a man’s reputation in Michigan using multiple Twitter accounts along with an offshore website located in Bulgaria hosted by Blue Angel Host.

Ed Koon (Doc) of eBay Motors Sucks says “eBay CEO John Donahoe should be aware what some of his management team are involved in corporate cyberstalking. Roy Daves, Uncle Griff, TRS HubcapJoes, Attacking eBay Critics!”. Ed Koon has also been personally attacked many times along with his private photos stolen from his computer and posted on the Bulgarian website. We happen to know that certain eBay and PayPal employees are aware of Corporate Wrongdoing and we all need to hold John Donahoe and his company personally responsible for using poor judgment in this situation. Hubcapjoes must be terminated from the eBay Platform and his selling privileges revoked by eBay Inc. The following video will not only show proof of ownership of the offshore website, but will also show who owns the smearing abusive social media twitter accounts.

eBay CEO John Donahoe Responsible for Cyberstalking

This is what you get when doing business at eBay. It’s almost like the Mafia making you pay up, but in this situation, the victims paid with their personal reputations being smeared to the extent that they suffered damages of enormous proportions.

Jason Paul Decanio admits Joseph J Demarco is being fully protected by eBay:

The man you hear in this audio excerpt has been supporting Hubcapjoes for over three years claiming eBayisajoke placed bids on his items and didn’t pay which was later proven not to be true. We captured this recorded conversation from one of his many abusive YouTube channels as evidence.