Report eBay to CA Consumer Affairs Department Because Their Criminal and Vile

eBay is way too Criminal and Vile to it’s users says Natasha Vieira of Brattleboro, VT. eBay is a cesspool of filth and abuse and has destroyed its own entity from within for countless number of years abusing its user base by stealing their money and allowing buyer return fraud. The United States Consumer Affairs office refuses to step in and stop the continued abuse of U.S. Consumers because eBay Board members and ex CEO’s hold jobs within the United States government.

They abuse, mistreat and violate sellers using Sharia Law instead of the United States Constitution

eBay Company Greed and Revenge Crime FB Groups

Using eBay used to be fun Natasha says, but when they got big they started raising their fees and they killed a good thing with their company greed, fraud, and abuse. They drove away their only assets which were their small sellers. So now in the past couple years the new cyberstalking scheme by top sellers is where a Facebook group that is comprised of eBay fanboy sellers such as YouTuber Crazeenydriver AKA seller Hubcapjoes, Facebook Cindy Sorley and Kathy Terrill (that lead these groups), get together to go after a particular small seller on command by getting group users to purchasing items from those sellers in order to return and file claims on them.

It started a little earlier then 2015 but here is an eBay Community post describing Buyer Return Fraud at eBay:

Seller Critic

Sellers are then discouraged from doing anymore business on eBay. Top rated sellers then make out by removing their competitors to increase their profits, and those sellers get removed indefinitely by accumulating a bad reputation score or low DSR ratings. I like to call this group the Facebook Seller’s Gang Squad which operate for eBay giving them plausible deniability for abusing accounts.

I always say go after the license? if you’ve been scammed and bullied by eBay Inc. But that just isn’t enough these days so signing eBay petitions at will also help out the cause against this corrupt company.

eBay is a company based in San Jose California that holds a business license in the state of Delaware:

To File Complaints on eBay Inc:

eBay Inc. License Filing Number 2871352
Registered Agent Information:
“The Corporation Trust Company”
Corporation Trust Center
Wilmington, DE 19801
Phone: (302) 658-7581
Entity Details PDF Download

Office of the City Attorney:

Richard Doyle
200 E. Santa Clara St.
16th Floor
San Jose, CA 95113
Ph: (408) 535-1900
Fx: (408) 998-3131

Website: (FBI)

California Attorney General’s Office Complaint:

California Department of Justice:

Delaware Department of Justice:

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Complaints:

California Department of Consumer Affairs:

You can Also Report eBay on various sites like Ripoff Report and Complaints Board. Just Google them for the web address. Report them as a company in whole then report the executive team individually. This will hold them accountable to take action and be proactive instead of just sitting in their $600 chair taking phone calls from people at local and state government all day, they should be instead taking phone calls from their sellers. People that actually use eBay should be in charge.